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** OfC. Cédric '696' Risterwald let his pristine lime-ish/green eyes lock onto the wiener that was impaled on his knife. He eyes it lustily, longing for some good German meat, he proceeds to move the thing to his lips, slowly letting the big stick of meat enter his mouth, taking a bite off of it, he hums in delight, savouring the taste of the well-done sausage. "Wow."
** Sgt. Richard 'Navy' Karter locks eyes with Risterwald as he bites on his impaled wiener, the meaty tube was dark and leathery, covered in juices. As he bites, the juices run down his mouth and onto his chin. A look of delight fills Karter's visage as he holds the bitten wiener only milimeters away from his pink lips. "Boy, Command sure knows where to find good wieners."
** OfC. Cédric '696' Risterwald had finished his wiener, he eyes Karter. "Mind giving me your wiener? I'm still hungry."
** Sgt. Richard 'Navy' Karter smiles, he moves the wiener to Risterwald's face, holding the large meaty tube above him, letting it shadow his face. Droplets of juice drip onto his face. He slowly brings it down, Risterwald's eyes cross on the wiener as it makes its decent into his mouth. "Coming in for.... landing...." Karter musters, as he shares his wiener.
** Sgt. Richard 'Navy' Karter doesn't seem to notice the world around him, as all his focus is on the mutual relationship between himself, the wiener, and Risterwald.

** OfC. Cédric '696' Risterwald closed his eyes awaiting the wiener sausage to enter his mouth like the obedient little hungry man he was, he feels the touch of the long German meat rod, his jaw encroaching on the meat-stick as his teeth bite off a piece of it. He remains silent, chewing, not having a care of the world. A "Wow..." escapes his deep breath as he swallowed the shared experience.
OfC. Cédric '696' Risterwald says "<:: Thanks broski. ::>"



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OfC. Cédric '696' Risterwald heaves a relieved sigh, he slung his UMP about, reaching into his vest pouch to remove a big plentiful banana, he eyes it through his visor lenses, awaiting the flesh inside.
** OfC. Cédric '696' Risterwald reached up to his face-mask, he clips it unto his belt, his hand grasps the top of the banana firmly, applying pressure as it began to peel. Exposed was the juicy flesh contained within, Cédric's eyes light up, he moves the thing to his lips, the banana naturally makes its entry into his mouth as his jaw began to shut, he takes a bite from it lustily. He'd been waiting all his life for this moment, enjoying a banana among his comraded, his eyes were shut -- zoned out he enjoyed the atmosphere, the music. Taking it all in, he simply stood silent.
OfC. Cédric '696' Risterwald says "<:: Want a piece of my banana, Harrison? ::>"

E/Cpl. Melody Harrisson says "Probably the resistance h- RISTY NO."
** OfC. Cédric '696' Risterwald held a banana in his right hand, peeled.
OfC. Cédric '696' Risterwald says "<:: Okay, your loss. ::>"
** OfC. Cédric '696' Risterwald drew the banana closer to his lips, taking a succulent bite.
** OfC. Cédric '696' Risterwald apparently stands normal among a crowd of crippled mentally disturbed soldiers.