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What and who are Quebec Niner?

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John Wick

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  • Quebec Niner is the OTA Fireteam that is deployed when the 24th Conscript Battalion requires a boost in manpower and firepower in crucial moments, they are also known to occasionally come in for sweeps of dangerous areas, but this is a rarity.
  • They deploy from off-sector when the order and their directives are provided by dispatch.
  • They do not hold a will of their own nor do they have any sort of emotional capabilities, having traded their humanity for servitude.
  • The personnel that make up this elite strike-team are exclusively Overwatch personnel, trained in Reactionary strike tactics.
  • Unlike the bulk of overwatch units, Quebec Niner was deliberately made to be an elite, nomadic fire-team, so the combine did not have to shift units around to get support to cities, instead utilising permanently mobile teams of overwatch and leaving the rest to garrison outposts and patrol the outlands.
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