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Metropolice Vasiliy Vakazinki/ G-450.


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Name: Vasiliy Vakazinki.

Sex: Male

Sexuality: Heterosexual.

Description: fix later

Allegiances: Metropolitan Police Force. GRID.

Rank: DvL.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Mental state: Decreasing dramatically, has signs of PTSD. Depression has begun setting in.

Fears: Death.

Previous Occupations: Security, VDV bootcamp for two weeks before intentionally leaving since of Pavel. Ex Conscript.

Notable Possessions:

A shitty little pocketbook full of photos similar to Pavels.

Mil-school. Me in front, Pavel in the back, fucking dunked on a simulated tank assault team, Pavel covered while I went and destroyed them, was fun.

Hobbies: Magdumping, and generally shooting a gun. Booze. Playing both electric and acoustic guitar.


| Hated | Disliked | Neutral | Liked | Friend | Trusted | Family-Loved | Loved |

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(Friend.) Melody Harrisson - I'm glad you didn't hold the uhh, incident, against me forever. Even if you don't consider me a friend after everything, I consider you one.

(Family-Loved)Pavel Antonivich- Goodbye my friend, I will miss you forever. Прощай мой друг.

(Liked)Strauss- I'll miss you and our retarded little grotto drinking things.

(Liked) Richard Singleton- F-Fuck, why'd you have to go, Rich?

(Family-Loved) Ruslan Petrenko- God, why did you have to leave, Rus? I have nobody else here.

(Liked) Jakub Kurowski- Good luck with your future endeavors in the 24th, good luck getting """"mentored"""" because the mentorship program was a fucking utter disappointment to me.

(Trusted) Aleksei Volkov- We had good times, you were a fellow Russian, and I will miss you.

(Trusted)Pax Kaleshknov- Epic.

(Disliked) Ross "Shrugs" Fletcher- Whatever, I have nothing but disappointment for you being my /mentor/ and you never fucking mentoring me. You're the reason why I've lost faith in the entire fucking chain of command, congratulations, retard.

(Liked) Felix Dinu- I'm gonna miss you. I hope Sasha takes care of you.

(Liked)Sasha Nikolaev- Please, take care of Dinu. Thank you for passing on my final message.

(Liked) Autumn Moreau- Guess the duel is automatically a win for you, huh? Sorry for not continuing that, I couldn't deal with the shitfest that was the conscripts anymore.

(Liked)Michael Takahashi- I'll miss you, my man. You're going to be forcefed Cola one day, mark my words. Keep practicing the guitar.

(Disliked) Richard "Navy" Karter- Another one of the people that were supposed to mentor me. Thanks for the mentoring, by doing absolutely nothing to mentor me and never even giving a damn, thanks so /much/ for that.

(Liked) Felix Ulfsson- I'll miss you, you're going to go far, I know it.

(Liked.) "Top" Konrad- I'm not sure how you think of me, but you keep in touch with me and talk to me, so I guess you still trust me, I'm not sure. Hopefully.

(Trusted) Judy Garlicbread- Still the same as always, eh?

(Hated.) Yilka Tahiri- Still kinda hate you for doing what you did, but it was another thing like what I did to try to help.

(Neutral) Vladimir Bolswhateverhislastnameis- Your death haunts me every day.

(Trusted) 831- I feel partly at fault for why you got injured pretty bad.

(Trusted) 087 - I wanted to apologize for me just making shitty jokes, but you're a DvL now, and it wouldn't matter if I did apologize, since you'd just think I will be appealing to you. Might do it anyways, though.

(Trusted) 719/Collins - You are very quirky and weird, but you're fun to be around. I've vowed to keep the secret.

(Trusted.) 853/Jillian - You trust me with your secret, so I trust you.

(Dead.) Anthony "Devil" - Why did you have to fucking die? Why.

(Hated.) 159- You're a fucking retard, did you go rogue since you were the most inept and incompetent unit in the MpF? You're a fucking retard, fuck you.

(Trusted.) Rodney Bennet - You literally saved 551 and I's life with his shotgun, you're a fucking god, holy fuck.

(Liked) Tyler Baylor- He's pretty cool, gave me some coffee and sandwiches. Mmmm, COFFEE, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA I HAVEN'T HAD COFFEE IN VERY LONG, THANK YOU.

(Trusted.) 788/Julia O'Hara- You climbed through the ranks through HELIX rapidly, we have fought together, and you are skilled. You'll make a good addition to HELIX as an EpU. I trust you with my life.

(Dead.) 347- What made you do that, man? Why'd you choose to end it like this way.

(Trusted) 098- I am proud to call you my nigga.

(Liked) Riley Berrings- Jeez dude, you got fucked HARD by Charlie Disney and his retarded little technicality contract. I feel bad for you.

(Trusted.) 154/Sarah- Well, she's replacing 347, so she's probably competent, she's an interesting person, I guess.

(Mourning.) 143- Oh-fucking-seven, my man. I heard what happened, may you find peace in death. Glory.

(Friend) Sally O'Hara- For a CA, you aren't so bad. You're kind, and you paid me once. Thank you, you consider me a friend, so I do to you as well.

(Neutral.) 361- You're going to get yourself killed, I need to help you.

(Liked) Cedric Risterwald- I actually never knew that you were THE 696 until you transferred to JURY. You also killed 007, but I forgive you for that. You're a cool person to be around.

(Liked) 120- I worry for your safety after the whole incident with Three-Six. In general, he's a competent unit, I would think, since of him achieving the rank of 01, I'm sure he'll do fine.
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