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Total Skinwalker Lore Thread (IN PROGRESS)

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Here I will attempt to answer every possible question about Skinwalkers that means anything.

What is a Skinwalker from a layman's point of view?
If the person even knows what a skinwalker is, they will usually brush it off as folklore unless they have had direct or indirect interactions with a skinwalker. To them, a Skinwalker is a humanoid that walks around and abducts people sometimes. It would probably be taller than a human, have eyes that glow in the dark, and be used to scare children into coming inside when it gets dark.

What is a Skinwalker from the point of view of someone who has encountered one?
Most stories about skinwalkers can trace their roots to an initial recitation from these people. To them, who have encountered a skinwalker, the almost-human monster is slightly shorter than most people, is skinnier than most people, blends into dark environments, and could outrun Usain Bolt.

What is a Skinwalker from an investigator's point of view?
The investigator may have survived a previous skinwalker attack, or have known someone who did / was successfully attacked, and took it upon themselves to study the creature may have noticed some peculiarities about skinwalkers.
To illustrate this point, I turn now to a Denizen Detective's post on the subject: https://www.shockcoregaming.com/index.php?threads/anomalous-creature-skinwalker-report.3394/
Anomalous Creature: Revised Edition
-The Anomaly has very small (humanoid) feet that easily fit within a normal adults footprint, therefore making it very simple to follow and attack individuals in the snow..

-Most of the time the Anomaly spends it's time near the base of trees overlooking frequent spots of transit, such as the roads, it can be inferred that it is either studying prey or waiting for a singular individual in which it can attack.. Or perhaps it has something to do with the sap the trees produced?

-Likes to circle Geo Thermal vents.. (The smoking craters)

-It has been recommended to only go out when in the prescence of two buddies or one vortiguant..

Anomalous Creature: Conjecturing/Information
-I know not why the anomaly circled one of those small craters, but it did, perhaps it was curios of it, perhaps it requires warmth after a certain period of time?
-Given the considerable difficulty in hunting this creature, it would seem that it is fairly intelligent and adaptive. Perhaps it's studying us, to see what we do, how we react.. So I'd think this anomaly be quite intelligent

Measurements (WIP| Requires actual body to complete..)

(Foot/Track Information) Width of 2.5 in. at widest point
Length of about 6 in. heel to end of foot (excluding toes)
5 toes at 1 inch long at shortest, growing consistantly to 2 inches long at longest (towards inside of foot)
Inside of foot has a curve
All toes are 0.25 inches wide, taper to a point in last 0.5 inches of length​


-Anomalies could be mimicking wolf howls..
- Reguarding Woman's Autopsy: The Walker went for vital organs first..

-Where do all the bodies go? What's happened to them, why are there so many Skinwalkers, is there a correlation between Skinwalkers and Dead Bodies?​

Skinwalker/DB Correlation?
-There’s been quite a few Skinwalker about but nothing really explains why there are.. Well, anymore than one.. Some hunter claims that they’re eaten but I don’t really trust that asshole given how he gave the 24th THE BODY...
-Anyways I don’t think the correct conclusion is that they are all eaten.. I think something more sinister occurs.. Perhaps the DB becomes another walker?

-We’ll have to investigate further into the matter..

I don’t think the Skinwalkers actually eat people.. So I suppose I might go about discovering their food source.. Does anyone have any suggestions for a food source these things are drawing from? Not many animals out there so.. I’ll have to check in and confirm some things.. Erm.. Is it possible those trees still have sap? Or do they eat fish? I haven’t heard of any near the water.. Only in wooded areas..

Update: As far as I know we won’t be seeing this creature anymore.. Which makes me somewhat disappointed as I did want to further research these things.. Perhaps I’ll find something else to research, or.. Though perhaps they aren’t gone? Uhm, Skinwalkers were known for taking over the corpse of it’s victims basically acting as if they were them.. So uhm..? This shouldn’t be mentioned most likely to the public given how I don’t want to spark paranoia.. Maybe I’ll find one, see how that goes perhaps.. Dunno where to start looking though..

-Report Produced By Detective Marty Robbins

// So, this is something I wrote up a long time ago back when CMRP was in Alaska, this is of course what information Detective Robbins could gather regarding them before she left with the others..​
In this study, they note that a skinwalker has smaller, bare feet in a snowy environment, that the skinwalker tends to go to base at trees looking over important travel areas, circles geothermal vents (postulating that perhaps they need warmth), is intelligent, may be mimicking wolf howls, and goes for the vital organs when attacking. Further, they bring into question what skinwalkers achieve by killing people.
Some of the thoughts brought up in this report are correct, while others are incorrect. This is the result of multiple weeks of investigation and assumptions made with the evidence provided them.

What is a Skinwalker from the Union's point of view?
The initial autopsy of a skinwalker: https://www.shockcoregaming.com/index.php?threads/anomolous-alaskan-creature-1.2363/
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<:: Hi guys. Judy here...Isn't it nasty looking? This is what the locals call a 'Skinwalker'. I've studied this thing before, but I was not able to get a peak in its innards last time. However,I do now...

<:: Notes:
  1. The skinwalker doesn't have a belly button, so you might as well approximate where it should be. Thus, assuming it could be possibly birthed via egg due to no visible umbilical cord markings.
  2. Funnily enough, it doesn't smell that bad....yet.
  3. The neck appears to have a hollow spinal column, sheltering the neck-hole. It also appears to be made of cartilage.
  4. The chest area has a rib cage bound together with tough muscles, with an empty area directly behind it. This 'lung' stops at the bottom of the rib cage, immediately followed by abdominal muscles bound tightly together in a vertical fashion, should the creature be standing. The skin appears to be a single quarter-inch layer thick in this area.
  5. The hand is thin, with hard, cable-like muscles the only protruding factor on each finger and hand. The claws appear to be mostly bone at the end, the skin ending slightly earlier than the tip of each finger. The left hand is immersed in dry blood up to its wrist. It appears to have formed into a point to stab, at one point, to be covered in blood to such an extent.
  6. The creature measures in at 5'6 at the shoulder. So basically, me.
  7. The claws act like scissors on the forward edges, easily splitting the paper we used it on, while being flatter on the palm-side and smoothly curved on the outside.
  8. There is some musculature on the outside of the thigh, formed into thick rope-like strands that connect to the hip and thigh bone, set in a type of fat. The skin is about 0.1 inches thick at this point.
  9. The creature only has a single, thick, thighbone. It's vaguely rectangular, and is surrounded by strands of muscle that feed into it, anchoring into the bone.
  10. The creature's head is humanoid, with a recessed nose and no hair. It has teeth that are very similar to a human's teeth, with the exception that the front teeth are more chiseled - more cutting, at the ends. The molars at the back are rectangular, blocky almost, with the biting part a series of shallow bumps. The canines are slightly enlarged, compared to a regular human's. They are also cartilage, rather than hard bone.
  11. Behind the lung is a segmented area, with coagulated blood and a different type of muscle. This appears to be a heart complex, made of multiple chambers directly behind the lung. Its pretty fucking flat. Kinda weird. But I mean...it a fucking 'Skinwalker' so what can I expect?
  12. Upon opening the stomach, I can see what appears to be human flesh and some pine needles. Going to assume that the creature heavily relies on meat, but will also eat plants if it becomes necessary for survival. Omnivore it is!

<:: This is what I have now. More notes to come in the future.
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Somewhat similar to the Denizen, the initial report included some inaccuracies, peppered among the truths.
Later, after Union containment and analysis of a live 'turned' specimen, the Conscripts were assigned to do mental checks on the captured Skinwalker.

CLAIMED NAME: Mary Toulous
CLAIMED AGE: ‘Assuming 25’

EVENTS RECALLED LEADING UP TO ARREST: “Walking around in Alaska, nice and cold, bit hungry, saw a big ol' building and went inside, tried talking to a guy in the process of barricading himself in, and he shot me to shit."

"Well, got fed every few hours, healed up nicely even with the knee shot, and then you guys come along and abuse the fuck outta me."

Was shot five to six times by the man; Left knee cap was blown out, firing pattern traced up to her right shoulder. Unknown caliber.·

The man was the Quartermaster from the Alaskan FOB--Which she stayed in, for two weeks.

PREVIOUS DIET: Meat, desserts, soda and fruit juices prior to being captured by Conscripts. -- Seems to crave ‘Sugary’ things.

ODD BEHAVIOURS: Higher metabolism--Hungry after only a few hours of last meal. Makes an odd ‘Hhhhh’ noise.

NOTES: Despite statement of being a skinwalker, and appearing to be either dumb as bricks or being a poor imitation, their hunger did not cause them to attempt to take a bite out of my ‘hand’, and they refused to eat the chocolate with the wrapper on. She can’t remember anything that’s pre-war properly. Believes they played DND in High School, born somewhere in Cali.

VICTIM PROFILE: Mary Toulous was a Citizen, CID: 91823, from Hornbrook, California. LP procured at 143, NP procured at 127, minor violations. Missing at 2 years ago, transferring to Anchorage. Presumed alive until recent questioning revealed that their identity was assumed by a captured anomalous creature.

POSSIBLE ADMITTANCE OF BEING A SKINWALKER: Mary Toulous says "What do you want to do with me? Kill me? Set me free? You're the ones not feeding me, I made sure not to hurt you or startle you when I got a morsel of food, what else is there?"

ASSESSMENT: Vague answers, will make a growling noise after being fed. If able to, check their data and compare it to places such as their place of birth.

I'd just like to say again that that 'possible admittance of being a skinwalker' is weak as anything. The skinwalker was more well behaved than a denizen you could've put in the same situation.

End part one for fear of word limits in posts.


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Saving a few research links for future posts in thread:

An adolescent Skinwalker's skin is made of a single, thick layer of fibrous sugars, covered in a layer of rosin/wax compound. This means that the skin is waterproof, highly flammable, stores energy in the form of sugar, susceptible to melting over time when exposed to heat, and insulates the Skinwalker from cold weather.
The bones of a Skinwalker are entirely made of cartilage, much like a fish. The skeleton of a Skinwalker very much resembles that of a human, with notable divergences - The neck is structured so that the esophagus, nervous system, and muscle cords are sheltered within protective rings of cartilage, stacked on top of each other. This limits the angle to which the neck can bend to much fewer degrees than that of a human, but the head can swivel a few degrees more, skin permitting, and it is much harder to incapacitate a Skinwalker by targeting its neck (say, strangulation) to the point that it's not really worth it. Further divergences from the human skeleton exhibit themselves in the leg and arm bones: These are singular 'poles' of cartilage (in contrast to the dual bones in forearms and lower legs), structured primarily to support surrounding musculature and bend when needed to act as lever springs (allowing them to sprint much faster than a person, or move in more cramped places).
The muscles of a Skinwalker are made of very thick cords - Pencil thick - which allow for very strong, fast movements.
Most organs inside a Skinwalker follow bilateral symmetry - Symmetry along the sagittal plane, which divides the body into left and right halves. As only a few of those organs actually intersect the plane, a Skinwalker ends up having redundant sets of organs mirrored across both sides of its body. Highly notable exceptions to this pairing include: the Heart, Lung, Stomach, Intestinal Tract, and Brain.

WIP on continuing.
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