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Citizen Ronaldo Fulier

Ronaldo Fulier
"There are enough a**holes in the world already, so why not try some good for once."

Basic Information:

Name: Ronaldo Fulier
Nicknames: N/A
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Date of Birth: 5/24/1994
Place of Birth: Vienna, Austria
Nationality: Austrian
Spoken Languages: English, German
Sexual Orientation:Straight

Mental Information:
Mental Disabilities: Dissociative Identity Syndrome
Addictions: N/A
Religious Beliefs: Protestant
Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Detailed Information:

A five foot ten inch Austrian male with a Mesomorphic Frame.
Multiple scars on his torso and the top of his arms, hidden by clothing of course.
Short, Brown hair and Blue eyes.

They are rather friendly and open to most thoughts and ideals, when in their normal Identity.
Tends to be walking about and handing out free food or trying to help out the general citizen populace.

They are usually dressed with their Black Vest, fingerless gloves, beanie, blue pants, and standard shoes.


Ronaldo Fulier had a troubling childhood and life after. While he was a child, he would be beat and abused by his parents, or even being used as a male child prostitute to acquire money for crack and heroine for said parents, causing his life to be spent either being beaten or with some paying pedophile. His brothers and sisters, however, got off easy compared to him as Ronaldo was the oldest and, debatably, the most beautiful of the seven offspring. After a tough childhood, he was still known to many as generous, caring, and kind individual. Despite his parent's mysterious disappearance after being married to Sarah Fulier, a beautiful woman who divorced him after a month of abuse from her, he had to deal with the problems his drug addicted parents had left him, including (but not limited to) dealers and gang members who pressed him for owed cash, previous 'Clients', and the loan sharks who demanded the money his parents borrowed for 'housing'. Even after his life was a huge failure, he still managed to keep hope, even managing to open up a butcher's shop, where he found success in preparing meats for the public and handing out plenty of the excess meat to the homeless outside his door. He also did a lot for his community, helping build houses for low income families, donating way too much to local humane societies, buying massive rounds of drinks, and letting people sleep in his out when they had no where to go or it was a very cold winter night.

Personal Relationships:

Lubov Gennadi
Ronaldo: She's gone.... The one thing that kept me sane... the one thing that kept me from turning... I-I just hope he's tame this time... Oh.. god... I-I'm sorry Lubov.... I'm so... so sorry...
Albert Attenburg
Klaw: Oh how his life crumbled around him in such a short amount of time, the man that Ronaldo tried to save from following in his path. Of course, I cannot help but feel sorry for the idiot, choosing to run away from the life that gave him so many misfortunes. But, I cannot help but smile as Ronaldo is finally alone again, and I can finally have my time in the spotlight.
Ronaldo: Yuron is an odd girl, one who needs some help in my opinion. I did enjoy my time helping her back to health after her splitting headache, as I want to see her, and many others, healthy and strong. Maybe I should join the CMU.
Klaw: He finally did it... he was finally broken... I can finally have my time in this body... but for now I'll be a good boy, until these... things stop looking over my life... Then, I'll have my way.


Universal Union:
You took her away. You ruined Albert's life. You ruined mine, and everyone else's. You say you are for our good, you say you are a savior... but you kill your own officers, you treat everyone like scum... You will pay eventually.... I will find where you are keeping her... and I will fix my life...

I respect the rebellion, though I wouldn't want to be in it per se. I respect the more logical members in the fight against the combine, fighting the actual power than the citizens under it, I absolutely HATE the idiots who use the combine shells of headcrabs and shell cities full of innocent people, which has been the cause of me evacuating a city and leaving so many, most likely dead, friends behind. But, as long as they keep Lubov safe, I will be happy to help them out... as long as I dont get in trouble with helping them.
I, honestly don't know how to feel about these beings. Sure, they did come from the Xen, and yes they did... destroy some of my home city, I do not fear them. If anything, I find them fascinating, their biology and the abilities they have are like the stories I heard from my foster family, like wizards almost.

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