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Potential HL2RP 2018 montage?

Over the last few years I've put together several Gmod RP montages which turned into a bit of a hobby, and was wondering about the potential of a ShockCore Gaming HL2RP montage.

The method would be to gather relevant content (screenshots and videos) in a thread along with a list of character names to be added in the style of credits. The thread would sit for around 2 weeks, and then after everyone's had a chance to share their content, the editor would collect that content, using it in a montage and likely adding something from the HL2 soundtrack.

An example of a fininshed project would be the LemonPunch montage.

As time goes on it becomes more difficult to produce a montage from a certain point in the past, so it makes sense for example to put together a 2018 montage as soon as the year ends, as many of the players are still around and likely have content to contribute.

Let me know if you have any thoughts about the idea.
I made montages of WW3RP covering every year it ran. Currently there are no servers running it as far as I'm aware, but if a community ran it in 2019 I'd still want to make a montage of it. Even if it only ran for a few months, went down and came back, went through big changes and had drama, I'd still want to capture what it looked like.

It has a history to it, players are nostalgic for it, people want to see what it looked like and watch how it's evolved (for good or ill). It's unique, and I think it deserves to have its unique experience captured (however primitively) in montages. I have a sense of pride for it, and (to an extent) an unwillingness to let it die.

I don't understand why a montage of a ShockCore Gaming server would be unwelcome by the community, but obviously I respect your opinions. I wouldn't be able to do it without help from the community, so I won't take the project further, but if it gets to the point where this isn't viewed as a controversial idea then feel free to reach out to me.