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Buying Minecraft GF
Hey all,
Only really making this because I've only been hearing good things about the server, and thought I'd give it another shot. I'm Revamped, an old long-time player that used to get involved in drama and shit. Mainly left when school picked up, and when I no longer really had enough time to breathe. I kinda left the whole RP scene behind after all the old bs that went down, though it still had a spot in me.
I'm most known for my medrp and my old staff influence from back in the day, though I'm really trying to just leave that all behind. Adulting and stuff kinda made me wanna play the game for the game side of it, rather than the political retardation side of it. I'll probably try to slip my way into HELIX when apps open up again, or into the CMU (if that's still a thing, I'm in the midst of connecting for the first time as I write this) in the mean time.
I also wanted to write this as an olive branch to those whom I left on a bad note with. I've no desire for political drama. I've no desire for inter-player drama. I don't really hang with the people I used to hang with. And I'm only here to both have fun, and to be a positive influence in a community I hold in a nostalgic part of my heart, as gay as that sounds lol.

All jokes aside, this is pretty much me.
I'm a comp sci major, and I'm on track to get into my school's doctorate program. (Despite a PhD in Comp Sci really not being necessary, might as well go all the way if any at all.)
I'm going to be doing an IT minor for network engineering, though that's still in the works.
I love to debate people over real life politics. I've taken up actual debate as a hobby, and a respectful debate can be fun if all participants are open minded and willing to hear each side out.

So yeah that's my post. Hmu if you wanna erp irl.