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So I've been thinking, what exactly led up to the city being blown up? Like, did rebels do it, or what was the reasoning for like..i17 going kaboom from an IC standpoint?


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After re-looking at our Admin Thread. I found John's post in regards to it.

The Fall of i17
Inherent mistakes
Burning our bridges. In the case that our current map doesn't work out, I effectively barred us, map wise, from switching back to i17. Of course we can always find something else that would work out, but this was still likely an un needed sacrifice.
Afterwards, someone posted a question about whether the citadel or the nexus fell. While I had put the citadel in the initial /event I did, I backpedalled when it came to that thread on the forums. I think, sticking to citadel would have had a more major effect and been viewed as more daring, HOWEVER, I think backpedalling in this specific situation was the right approach because of how the event played out quality wise. If it was a more planned event that went off without a hitch until that final point where the city fell, the citadel falling would have been an amazing conclusion, but here it wasn't the right choice.
Well, the moment I got word from @ParaShock that we were going to absolutely do the map change that night, I got to work. First, I now realize that rushing a map change that night, without a doubt, regardless of what discussion we had before that point about the actual logistics of the map change from an ooc standpoint, was a terrible idea. I think the right approach would have been to at that point start planning on a full storyline and event together. Put together a good teaser with a date and time for the event/map change. Get some hype going, let the community know what's going on. Timing would be slightly weird, but I'd say two weeks from this past weekend would be optimal, release consistent teasers/content about it, gradually amping up.
In summary, yeah, we really really shouldn't have been dead set on pushing the change that night.
I had great helpers, but I didn't use them properly or give them proper direction.
The event started off well. I got word from para, got on my rebel event char, Tneve, who I had already formed relations with the leader of Lincoln and some other various people on through a job and just wandering around the sewers "recruiting," and started stirring up shit. Went directly to Witch Docta, said "hey NU forces came under heavy pressure, they're moving on the city now. Shits about to go down, and if it's anything like city one, we're bound to get burned. He started gathering up people or something, I don't know, but I know I got the point across and he was likely going to come up with an escape plan or some shit. Went to the BMD, Bman was about to run a job so there was a very nice mob there. Started yelling the same thing, we're going to get burned, either buy transport from the BMD or make your own way out, eventually convinced everyone that it was time to go. They stormed shell beach through a small tunnel "teledoor" that I had a job dig earlier in the day. Prior to this, I sent conscript and MPF a notification that the cities AA system had been taken down, MPF briefly got it online before it was shelled to death. Upon recieving this notiication, the whole of the conscripts went into the city, leaving their base unguarded. I fed this info to the rebels, who were already starting to make their move, and they siezed the moment, taking the beach and base. I was still with them on Tneve so I started giving them directions, saying they need to hold the beach, transport will be arriving in twenty minutes to take them out.
Giving them this info now, with a lack of a plan was a bad idea, I should have figured out their objective before they started flooding the beach, said something to the matter of "hey, I got transport coming to the beach in 20 mins to get me out of here, I can take you along with me, but we need the connies cleared out of there before then."
Once they had taken the beach, I started giving them directions, yelling out on sawfish to get some comp B and a welder from an agent on the beach, (@catt or @sand I believe) and block off the tunnel so that the connies couldn't get back without using the sewers. Problems here arose since I looked like any other random rebel on sawfish trying to give directions, making myself more distinctive/ obvious that I was the one orchestrating the event would have been smarter. Eventually, it worked out, they took the supplies blocked the tunnel. Meanwhile, I had another helper just generally go into the city and stir up shit, another make /events of the oncoming and surrounding war/battles. Beyond that, I didn't give much directives to them, so they just sort of did their own thing or nothing at all, which I wasn't disappointed with all and it worked into the event, there just wasnt as much of it as I would like. There was also an attempt to make the UCH unsafe so that the citizens would have to be taken out and placed sometwhere else. I can't really say much about what actually happened in the city as I was entirely focused on shell beach, another mistake, focusing too much on one aspect of the event instead of handing it of to a helper and overseeing the entire thing. @Wolffe or the helper who was causing shit in the city would be a better source for info there, however things worked out there from what I understand, eventually MPF and citizens were driven out.
Back to the beach, the tunnel was collapsed and sealed. I got distracted or started handling something else, rebels assumed they were going to use the unusable drydock boat which there was no way to get out, instead of directing them back to the beach and saying speedboats or some shit were going to pick them up, I got distracted by another problem, cube and his connie boys had deleted/nocollided the welded doors and rubble and were rushing back through. I /evented a hunterchopper coming in, warned the rebels it was ours and started S2ming to show the connies that they should fall back. From here, it very much became a blurr as there was so much going on at once and I was thoroughly distracted by the connies who weren't getting the message. The connies eventually got slaughter by rebels with extremely minimal support from the chopper, some of them then redeployed, maybe multiple times, and caused a shitstorm. The chopper went down briefly when I thought they were all dead, then was reployed when I noticed they were back, their assualt continued even as boats arrived for the remaining rebels to board, I stuck in the chopper, actually S2King the connies this time to really try to send the message, "hey fuck off, I need to tp these boys out." At the end of it all, I believe one rebel remained, citizens and MPF were in the train, ready to go, just waiting for the connies to finally leave shell beach and hook up with them. Instead of just trying to aggressively disswade the connies from the rbebel side, I should have had a helper directly advocate for connies on their side, had a transport be placed on the other side of shell beach to lift them out, tell them that if they didn't break off their assualt, they'd be burned with the city.
In the end, my mistakes and things I would change
Plan more effectively, communicate overarching plan to helpers
Use helpers more effectively and as middlemen instead of becoming directly involved, especially in roles that would trap me (ie rebel fire support)
As the director, focus more on the events and like that progress the story instead of the smaller roles so as to not get distracted by the real purpose
Keep faction leads in the loop as well to avoid instances like what happened with cube (should have dragged him in like I did wolffe from the start and communicated what I needed from him as well.)
There's absolutely more to this and I'll continue to add on to it as I think about it. I've learned a lot from from this event and the feedback people have given me, I will likely be holding off on progressing my storyline in major ways until I sit in on some of the producer training para is doing and do some smaller things. However, I am by no means giving up on production, I thought about just saying, "Hey, everyone has their thing, some people can produce, some can't." But, I'd rather look at this as a learning experience and take the things I know now and use them.
Feedback is appreciated.

I wrote this while in a five hour car ride, cut me some slack pls.
And I want to say I understand why cube did what he did, I don't hold it against him, it just frustrated me a ton in the aftermath up until I thought more about it.
That's basically the jist of what happened.