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Citizen Lewis Haddock


Some kid you still don't know.
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Citizen From City 8

--,<(Lewis Haddock seen with [Redacted] and [Redacted] the last December before the invasion)>,--
[A.K.A, My poorly made camera screenshot]

Physical Description:
Lewis Haddock stands at around 6 feet, with a normal height and weight. He has a cautious stare, which is probably helpful in this time and age. Despite his malnourishment, he stands tall and ready. Mostly, he is seen with a Kevlar vest on and green padded pants, noticeably with a greying beard and short hair to the side. As of lately, he has been getting tired out.

He has the voice of a sailor, with a good hint of a British accent. From this you can tell he's the kind of guy who likes fishing at the sea on a warm summer evening.

Lewis comes off as a friendly individual, but it takes a lot to get his trust (Hence his cautious stare). He's a rational, open-minded guy, only trying to choose the best way out for not only the good for himself, but those he considers friends. Due to the death of other unnamed relatives and friends, he mostly copes with his losses by telling stories and such of his travels. It's pretty obvious he's in love with the sea. Every day before the 7 hour war, he'd go out and fish with his friends on the waterfront. In times of stress, he hates to be the one in charge, and usually stands back to ease his notions into others.

Noteworthy Strengths:
He is wise to others in need, despite how carefree he comes off as. You could say he's a decent shot as well, probably being trained before the invasion.

Noteworthy Weaknesses:
His strength, speed, dexterity, stamina, and other areas such as those are lacking, because of his age and overall fitness throughout his life. In times of need, he can only use a weapon to win a fight. Not only that, but he finds trouble picking sides in arguments and becomes a little rash/definitely less wise in that aspect.

MENTAL STATE: Chuffed{}Stable{}Unstable{}Critical


Countless days spent alone, all of his friends gone forever. Nothing can seem very meaningful to him anymore. The elders connection with Xar had stopped. This could mean his death is very possible. With that in mind, something should change quick or everything will just keep getting worse.


Date of birth: April 17th, 1965
Age: 53 years old
Place of Birth: United Kingdom, Felixstowe
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Mother: Charlotte Moore (Deceased)
Father: William Haddock (Deceased)

Alliance: The Resistance

Alignment: Neutral Good

Disliked/ Neutral/ Friend/ True Friend

Scav-(@Bman )
"I was able to talk to him meaningfully in the flesh for the very first time in hopes of finding anything to like him for. I opened up a bit to maybe help him have a change of heart, but he will not budge. All he cares about is himself and he admitted it himself. Does he know he is a terrible man, or is he just frightened inside?"

Xar-(@Apocalyptic )
"No sacrifice is too great."

Red-(@Overgrown )
"At first I was worried he'd be a greedy gun salesman, but was I proved wrong, huh? He helps me a lot, even lowered his prices once for me to get extra bullets. I know he'll look out for me."

"Always finds time to hang with me, and he's got a SUPER neat gun. At least I can feel extra safe around the guy. We know each other well."
Fred Phillips-(@tomater )
"He must be my age, and we have a lot in common. He brought back the one thing in life I lost but could someday get back. A fishing rod. I'll keep in touch, Fred."

'BENEFACTOR'-(@Nightshade )
"I don't know who you are, but after that train mission, you know there will be karma coming your way. Rocks aren't gonna suffice for risking your life. You'll pay soon enough. Consider this a death wish, eh?"

Lubov-(@BeefcakeLlama )
"I don't know her enough yet to make any assumptions. She was very nice our first meet, but I doubt I'll see her again."
"I've seen him around a lot and he is nice enough, but I haven't made any grounds for friendship. We will see what happens, cheers lad."
Bennett [Will]-(@cegg )
"Before the death of Roderick, I've never seen him much, more of a man in the backround. Now that he is the leader I see him more and his heart to free humanity. Soon we can be great friends."

Roderick-(@Liam )
"He's the leader of the Lincoln movement. He's nice and really knows how a humanitarian rebellion should be like. I'll miss you, lad. I'm sorry it had to end this way."
Witch Docta'-(@MemeCat )
"I know him a bit better. Him and Rod are like twins, but since his death he's just been gone. Something tells me they had a bond too great to handle themselves in loss. Sorry."
Fitche-(@Army )
"I became friendly with him quick after he got me out to the Grotto. I still doubt I'll be out there again, but it made me feel ever do slightly better. I guess there's that."

Night-(@Zebra )
"I know him as another rebel, nothing more or less. However, I do find him a little trigger happy and rude at times, startling Xar and the such before. I think he's a skilled man, and in time I'll know him better."

Childhood Friends?-

"They would want you to forget, old man Lewis. Poor blokes."

Faction Relationships:

Loyalists (CMU,CWU,)- Neutral-"I have nothing against them or for them. Some are mindless, some are just trying to live, and I get that. I'm not gonna ruin anyone's time for just trying to live."

MPF-Disliked-"They're just going to beat up people like that and kill them like they own the place? I disrespect that on so many levels, but to be truthful, they are still people trying to live. Who knows how they get manipulated. I'd kill the ones that go on our turf, but I'll accept any rouges as well. Maybe not if they just walk around like the danger they caused was 'okay'."

Conscripts-Enemy- "God, we had the beach to ourselves until they came along. They shoot at anything that moves. They probably fight to see how much trouble they can cause, because if anything, they are good at being trouble. The MPF look like respected high-class individuals compared to them. They kill for laughs, and that's literally all I see in them."

i17 Rebellion-Neutral- "I don't see much in the rebellion as a whole, even though I am one. They're mostly out for themselves, and fight because they want to, or they're mad and want revenge. They just bomb buildings, and do nothing to help us. Some divisions actually get the job done, though."

BMD-Enemy- "This is it. They have done enough. They considered slaves, they shoot whatever they want and lock all the entrances until OTA leave, leaving us out. . . But this? They wanted Xar dead. After killing, hurting, patronizing, making them pay 2k for entrance to the hub. When the time comes, we will make a change and the Lincoln movement will transform the heart of Lambda back to it's purest form."

Lambda-Liked- "I haven't met much at all, but from the Cell Six division, which I'd say is basically a part of Lambda, is great. They actually come over and help sometimes, and I respect that. Most rebels are just edgy jerks, though. They are the real deal."

The Lincoln Movement-Liked- "I was able to slowly melt into the group, and as I gave my trust, I realized that they are a real rebellion. Giving out food for free, us working for each other for the sake of happiness. I love it, to be honest. I'm sure my other great friends that died would love it too. Miss you all."

Vortigaunts- Liked- "The wisest people I've met. They're either cool and wise, or just cute. Yes, I said it. I know a lot of them, and I don't think our bonds will ever break."

Universal Union- Enemy- "The biggest enemy of all, the union. I despise every single thing they've done to us. All those innocent lives, and now they're just playing with us like army toys in a lad's basement. As soon as I see whoever caused this, I will make sure they know what we all felt. Or maybe just a bullet to the head."

Final notes: People who read this far actually care. I might as well tell you to look closely at the first picture on the island and you might see a familiar face.
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Some kid you still don't know.
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