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James Howard's Private Diary

**The Package contained a voice recorder, both the package and the recorder labeled Howard's Property, A bloody illegible diary also lay near a dead body**
Log 46, The Coast: So, we moved to the coast, nice and peaceful place, there's this one house that seems awfully familiar, but I can't put my finger on it, it reminds me of my old house, maybe it is, I hope not...
Log 71, Hard Times: I'm going through some rough times, I've left the coast and Bandits are hunting me for a hefty price, I learned earlier when a group met me and stole all my things, I'm wanted for Five Grand of being a Conscription Informant.
Log 78, Returning Home: I've made it across the ocean by Airboat with a trailer full of gas and tools to help me across the Ocean, and I did it, my Airboat's wrecked, I think I might be in Kansas by now, I know the area.
Log 94, Bandits:The Bandits found my whereabouts and are hunting me through the Kansas area, I don't know where to hide, the Corn Fields are on fire and I'm being shot at.
Final Log, Log 100: Friends... I may not make it out of this alive... **Yelling and banging on a door is heard** I'm caught in a tight spot, Bandits have me stuck in a building... **More yelling and banging, and a loud explosion occurs** To all my friends who shall find this: I loved you guys, and I'll catch you on the flip-side.** A loud gunshot fires, several objects clatter to a stone floor and the Log ends **