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Henlo Frens


Erotic Furry Roleplayer
CMRP Gold+
I never made an actual introduction to the peeps in this community, I just sorta got brought in by my friend @Operator Chan back around August when I was starting school again. That was also when City Rp went down like a day after I donated. I've met a lot of you and know almost all of the staff team (especially now that it's been reduced omegalul)

Name: Sebastion
Memorable Characters of mine (not meaning they're important I just can't remember them all):
Edward Terrier, Kayla Stewarts, 'Mute', 'Digit', Autumn Wells, 346, Alexandr Delshev, Haleigh Winchester, John Brown, Riley N. Berrings

Notable Memories so far:
Dinking @Wolffe in S2K from afar and him calling it luck

Blowing up @Overgrown and @verTix on accident

Getting Bandit marked for putting someone to death through trial

@Bman and @ZombieMesh confronting me about erp logs

Bullying @GenericsNewAccount mute Character

Knocking out a staff member and stealing a flashbang

That God awful map change

Everyone hating @The Lorax 's and some other Lesbian Conscript

@Ghost getting me PK'd over denying a beer in City 8

@Detective British getting my Rebel PK'd cause he mingeran epicly

@Denny PK'ing around 4 of my characters

@QuickLoad and @cube bullying my Conscript for not wearing the right things to sleep

@Tiddlywinks bullying my BMD

@MemeCat simply existing and being epic

@ryai You have been kicked for: (Please do not call other players the n word..)

@Maroon @Neekly and @Lestrade sewer weed

Easy answers:
Do you erp?

Favorite color?

Eye color?
No one asks this question why was it included

That's literally all I had to say

Special thanks to:
@Cloudbucket for existing
@Your God Crunchy Alfredo for also existing
@Sepheroid He's gay
@bobboy and @Swarx for making the CWU/CMU enjoyable (Also why the fuck is Change an NPC Vendor)
@Marty Robbins @Cola and @MissionControl for Kayla's storyline ecks Dee
@Sergeant Cherrypie @Confirmed and @Tatpoepoe Y'all gay

A few others that I didn't @ cause this is a long list and putting a spoiler in is fucking gay