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Metropolice H-087





Basic Information
Name: Sofia <:: Redacted ::>
Age: 28
Sex: Female
Date of Birth: August 15 1991
Place of Birth: <:: Redacted ::>
Ethnicity: <:: Redacted ::>
Known Languages: Italian, English
Known Relatives: Antony <:: Redacted ::>(Father, deceased), Maria <:: Redacted ::>(Sister, deceased), Alessandro <:: Redacted ::> (Brother, unknown).
Mental Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Following Religion: N/A (Atheist)
Hair Color: Dark brown
Eye Color: Hazel
Height: 5'10 (With boots)
Weight: 153.2 LBs
Physical Allegiance: The Universal Union
Signature: -H-087


Advanced Information:

Physical Appearance:
087 is rather tall for a female. Standing at 5'10, she tends to tower over the other females around her. She takes physical fitness incredibly seriously, along with healthy dietary decisions. She has dark brown hair at a very long length, along with hazel eyes to compliment her tan skin. She dons all the standard gear for a ground unit except for her medical equipment. She carries an EFAK for emergency treatment needed to any unsuspecting victim as well as her own person IFAK.

She is a very professional unit who places her work above all else. Deep down she is the kindest heart anyone could meet, but no one dares dive that deep.

087 speaks with a calming voice, hardly using any slang. She'd have a heavy Italian accent due to her spending her entire Pre-war life in
Sci-Fi, Mythology, studying, music.

Number of successful surgeries:
<:: 40 documented ::>

Number of unsuccessful surgeries:
<:: 1 documented ::>

Favorite Saying:
“The man who passes the sentence should swing the sword.“


Respected][Good Friend]

Jonathan | @kooby - "I really have a soft spot for war veterans, especially the older ones I guess. I could only imagine the things that man went through back in Japan during World War Two. Aside from his euthanization, he was nearing the end of his time. I had him think of his wife as I put him to sleep, and it was sweet. I'm really thankful I have this mask sometimes. . ."

556 | @The Lorax - “She’s been a great Divisional to me so far, so there’s really no complaining in that aspect. She’s quite friendly, and puts a lot of trust into my medical capabilities. Her trust in me makes my actions feel as if they have weight on the Divisions shoulders, and I love being able to make a positive change. The only think I disagree with personally are the mass searches as an Overwatch unit was present. It creates trust and morale issues, but thankfully nothing too bad happened.”

"I sat her down and had a little therapy session with her. I feel bad for the things she's going through, but I have no clue what actually happened. I can't determine if it was warranted or not, but I'll be here to support her if she needs me. She's probably the closest thing I have to a friend at this point, so I might as well look out for her. I hope she's able to get her head back into the clouds and work her way back into High Command."
"I heard the news and It's a shame. I don't have much to say on the matter, but I warned you. If it's true, you only did it to yourself. Sorry Hannah. Rest easy."

493 | @Lestrade - “I only hear bad things of this unit, but him and I seem to get along well for the most part. He exemplifies the competency I’d like to see in all, but others underappreciate it. He’s also the one who trained me, but can still easily take advice from me.”

“I trust you more than any other unit on the force. You’ve always been very helpful and supporting throughout my time here. You may think you haven’t done much for me, but the appreciation you show to me from my unit duties mean more to me than most would think.”

“Your faith in this species is completely misplaced. Humans were designed specifically for running themselves into extinction. No matter what the Union does, there will always be those who care to go against the grain. True peace will be a world without humanity.”

994 | @Stardust - ”You make the same mistakes, and now you treat me as if I’m some sort of abusive mother. First step to taking care of yourself, is accepted that it’s all on your shoulders. As for now, it’s a professional unit to unit relationship. Mature and act like and adult, and maybe we can be friends.”

696 | @Denny -"He's been a polite fellow to me for the time I've known him. It seems he puts a lot of trust in me, so I'll do my best to not give him a reason to retract it."

“One of the few units who seem to show mutual respect for me and my work. Not a lot of units like the fact that I’m not here to be friends, but 696 always maintains his professionalism. One of the few I know has my back”

831 | @MrClownie - "I don't really know them well enough to formulate an opinion of them. However, they haven't given me a reason to dislike them yet."

"I se that you have been moving up in the MPF. I haven't interacted with you much, but I trust you have ben putting in some work to get noticed in Union."

334 | @VeteranGary - "It seems they've been around around for the most part any time something happens. They seem like a reliable unit, and a good one to watch my back I'd say"

450 | @Army - "I see you have been making your way up the ranks in GRID. Congratulations I suppose. You don’t really try and bother me too often after I hit you in the throat, so that’s a plus.”

788 | @RevampedRebel - "199's competition for promotion. They're both great units, and it'd be an insult to say one is better than the other. I have a very bright future planned for you two, and I hope you keep up your current drive so I can bring it to fruition. Good units are hard to come by, and I was lucky enough to come across two."

"I don't know what else I can add to what I've already said. Great units are hard to come by, but it's even harder to leave them unnoticed. You've done a lot within my Division, and I can't thank you enough. Whenever I get transferred out, killed, or just retire, you're next in line. I hope you've been taking notes, because this Division isn't as easy as it seems. Doctors are underappreciated as units, and we are constantly treated as lowly beings and as if we owe the world. Keep doing what you're doing, and never stop striving to be greater than you were before."

486 | @Ginger - "Gave me a gift for doing my duty to train the units to be more efficient. I'm glad he took it so seriously, but sadly, I do not drink. It's nice to see some people take their training to heart. There needs to be more units with that type of drive."

159 | @Apocalyptic - "And just like that, another unit to prove my suspicions correct. I have nothing to say but this; if you harm another unit from your little 'runaway' stunt, you better hope I somehow don't get my hands on you. Stay away from my fucking units, or you will wish you were dead."

757 | @Isaac H. - "As I've observed, you haven't been pulling your weight as HC and 141 thought the same. I hold nothing against you and I want to see you do well, but I won't hesitate to do what's needed for the division and the Union. Pick up the slack before it's too late. There's many of eager units waiting to take an HC spot, so don't let up."

199 | @cool_man523 - "One of my best units alongside 788. You remind me of me too entirely. I won't lie, I haven't been on the force for too long, but I can recognize talent from a kilometer away. You have the same drive I did when I was at your rank, and it will bring you to may great positions. Keep up the great work, unit."

976 | @Nightshade - "A unit who has a god complex and thinks they're better than most others. They seem to lack respect just because I was not in the force as long. I treat people how they treat me, and they will soon learn that I don't play the Highschool attitude game. I'm not their teacher, and I won't tolerate their little issues with me."

533 | @Thuyion - "A unit that lacks bearing and professionalism. Not much else to comment on other than them not being completely fit for their job."

853 | @Zebra - "I've said it once and I'll say it again. Relationships in this world lead to nothing but despair, regrets, and utter sorrow. You're foolish for thinking something could ever last in this harsh world. Get your mind gathered, or soon find it scattered."

143 | @Merpkiller - "Sacrifice is needed for us to move forward as a species and civilization. You bravely fought so others may live. You will not be forgotten."

Konrad | @QuickLoad - "If it weren't for your quick thinking and ability to take action, I could very well be dead or still with a crushed leg. Congratulations on being one of the very few who've seen who I really am under the mask, and the ONLY person to ever see me drink to this day. Thank you for the help, but know that this doesn't make us friends."

Faction Relationships
[Liked] HELIX - A bunch of units trying to save lives and working towards the same goals. Best get to it, units.

[Liked] GRID - The only units that seem to respect my work ethic are the GRID units, and I can actually loosen up around one or two of them. They know the values of the uniform they wear, and they respect others upholding those values. I’m glad someone has a sense of dignity in this force.

[Neutral] UNION - Same as usual. The main force failing to carry out their work load for the most part. No one is specific to blame, but the entire division needs to become more cohesive. I often find myself too busy in the field to be able to work in my own comfort zone when I’m needed. That can lead to an issue later down the line.

[Neutral] Resistance - What is the cost of peace. The cost of peace is the men and women fighting for it, willing to lay everything on the line to obtain said peace. What is the world without peace? A world without peace is simple. It’s reality. And reality will be the continuation or the downfall of humanity.

[Neutral] Citizens - The roots of civilization are fertilized by the pollen of humanity. Humanity can not cease to exist, or the world will cease to exist. Through fortitude and endurance, humanity will prevail and climb its way to the highest mountain, planting the flag and assuming the mantle of responsibility.

[Neutral] BIOTICS - No comment.

// Thank you to Lorax for letting me use his format :)


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