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Civil Workers' Union
Main Department 0A1 Employment Record

Ranking/Position Information
Ranks deal directly with authority.
The main representative of the CWU in the city, the President deals with the larger view and policies of the CWU, deciding superintendents, new buildings, and other important pieces to the CWU.

The right-hand person to the CWU President, the Vice President deals with the President's tasks in his/her absence, ensuring that the CWU is stable.

A work chief is an upper-level supervisor, as well as a liaison between the general workers and the CWU management. A chief worker must be capable of training new members and addressing employee concerns. In addition to some aspects of management, the chief worker must be a frequent organizer of workblocks and other CWU activities.

Keeping the day to day running of the CWU going, senior workers are veterans and respected members of the CWU, who have the ability to manage the working task force, and lead the direction of the CWU. They also train new members in the main directives of the CWU.

The main backbone and the most important part of the CWU, these workers are what keep the stores running, assigning jobs to citizens at the workdesk, planning and overseeing workblocks, and generally keeping the infrastructure of our city safe and secure. General workers can also fulfill the duties of a specific appointment.

The personnel of the Civil Medical Union make up a separate department, but are still part of the CWU umbrella. They will be listed under a separate structure, with a Head Doctor, standard Doctors, and Nurses. CMU cannot run workblocks, but can assist in doing so. They do not outrank regular workers, and vice versa.

New members of our department, these members need to be brought in the mindset and responsibilities of a Worker. Until then, they are apprenticed under another worker or superintendent to learn these responsibilities. Currently, training consists of reading the etiquette guide, then doing training at a store, a workdesk, and finally allowing the trainee to manage and plan a workblock. Trainees can run stores/the workdesk if they are already trained in doing so.

These individuals qualify as CWU members, but are currently deactivated due to low activity.

[Let me know if you want to be taken out of this category.]

Individuals listed as "terminated" have been dishonorably discharged from the CWU. This was either due to dismissal, or due to the fact they were amputated by the authorities.

Appointment Information
Appointments are indications that a worker has been given a special tasking in addition to standard CWU directives. As different appointments come along, they will be detailed below.

Human Resources Officer: A worker that provides the President/Vice President with reports on employee behavior and loyalty to the UU. The human resources officer ensures that the etiquette guide, and CWU rules and regulations are followed. They report any employee's failure to comply with standards to the President/Vice President, so that corrective action can be taken.

Housing Officer: A worker that keeps track of the Civil Housing Records, ensuring they are kept up to date, and that residents have paid their fees. They register new residents, roommates, etc.

Mechanic: A worker that is knowledgeable in repairing and maintaining machinery, especially if it concerns vehicles. The CWU doesn't employ any vehicles at the moment, so the CWU mechanic instead focuses on workblocks involving stripping down old cars for scrap metal and useful components, as well as the production of parts for Civil Protection and Overwatch vehicles.

Retail Clerk: A worker that provides the President/Vice President with regular reports on the FOTO/CHANGE stores. The retail clerk gives surveys on customer satisfaction and generally makes sure that the stores are kept stocked, clean and well-maintained. They are expected to give workdesk assignments based on stocking shelves and cleaning the CWU stores.

Pharmacist: A Civil Medical Union specialist that focuses on providing prescription medications to eligible blue-tier loyalists. The pharmacist both evaluates citizens applying for prescriptions, as well as provides them with refills when necessary. They are expected to spend a lot of time in the CMU front desk, and use the service announcements when the pharmacy opens. The pharmacist is expected to have a Civil Protection officer on hand so that new prescriptions can be properly placed on a citizen's data by said officer.

Psychologist: A Civil Medical Union specialist that focuses on the mental health of citizens by providing therapy and counselling. The therapist can set up antidepressant prescriptions if a pharmacist or other doctor is not around, as long as they properly log it with Civil Protection. The therapist should be especially concerned with the mental health needs of off-duty conscripts and Civil Protection officers. They can also set up appointments with standard citizens and loyalists.

Technologist: A worker that deals with programming and updating CWU computers, terminals and other systems. Also focuses on technology-based workblocks and workdesk assignments. @MissionControl

C8 Roster

Civil Workers' Union
Sally O'Hara [Secretary of Labor and Economics] | @bobboy
Carla Thorpe [President] | @Swarx
Rodney Bennett [Chief Worker] | @Adorable
Markus L. Baker [Worker] | @CarneDeEsada
Cédric Risterwald [Worker] | @Denny
Mason Clark [Worker] | @Sepheroid
Greg Shinski [Worker] | @mrZEEWEEBOB
Kinley Faulkner [Worker] | @MissionControl

Civil Medical Union
Dr. Narain Kanoe [Head Doctor] | @Cola
Dr. Frederick Knowles [Doctor] | @BlueFlames999
Dr. Emily Hollows [Doctor] | @The Lorax
Dr. Kaspar Svereika [Psychologist] | @Lestrade
Alexander Glauben [Nurse] | @RevampedRebel
Lohandra Waxer [Nurse] | @mrZEEWEEBOB

Deactivated Personnel
In Memoriam
Alexandr Delshev [Worker] | @Sebastion480
Hannah Macy [Doctor] | @The Lorax

Inactive Personnel
Felix S. Westbrook [Worker] | @[SCG] Jimbo
Tyler Baylor [Housing Officer] | @angry player
Aleksandra Piekarska [Worker] | @WillowBot
Alphonse Bartolo [Worker] | @Your God Crunchy Alfredo
Michael Burnes [Worker] | @TheDragu
Jean-Michel Vereecken [Trainee] | @cool_man523

Terminated Personnel
Edwin Rogerson [Dismissed] | @mrZEEWEEBOB
Kayla Stewarts [Dismissed] | @Sebastion480
William Springfield [Amputated] | @Apocalyptic
Autumn Wells [Amputated] | @Sebastion480
Evelyn Landcaster [Amputated] | @MissionControl
Cao Thanh Huy [Amputated] @Captain Salt
Horatio Favit [Amputated] | @Cassio

Braxtin Crawford [Amputated] | @Bossdodo
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<:: Attention, insufficient activity in regard to standard directives [STORES, WORKDESKS, WORKBLOCKS] have been noted in the following employees. The employees below are hereby being issued an INITIAL WARNING to increase productivity, or face dismissal.

Aleksandra Piekarska [Worker] | @WillowBot
Amenset Sokolova [Worker] | @ryai
Alphonse Bartolo [Worker] | @Your God Crunchy Alfredo

<:: Your thoughts on firing the following staff?

Dr. Vanessa Lee [Doctor] | @Triviality
Amenset Sokolova [Nurse] | @ryai
Natalia Stoystka [Nurse] | @kooby
<:: Dr. Lee as far as I know was relocated. I'm not sure about either of the other two, though Stoystka suddenly entered the CMU and was never heard from again so. I'll ask an officer about the other miss, besides that removing those two shouldn't be an issue.
@kooby was banned
@Triviality doesnt play anymore
@ryai i think is on LOA or hasn't been on so i'm just gonna leave it till the come back unless they dont then


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@Swarx Leave Mehul out of the C8 roster for now, I'm just keeping her in C17 until I can be bothered coming back, makes for a good excuse as to why she's not around