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Cédric Risterwald

"Truly, life is a bit fruitless for everyone, problems aside, we stand, side by side, day by day."

Basic Information:

Name: Cédric Risterwald
Nicknames: 'Ced', '696', 'Risty'
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Date of Birth: 20/6/1995
Place of Birth: Switzerland, Geneva
Nationality: Swiss
Spoken Languages: German and English
Sexual Orientation: Homosexual

Affiliation: Universal Union

Mental Information:

Interests: Hiking and reading
Mental Disabilities: Post-traumatic Amnesia & Insomnia
Addictions: Coffee
Religious Beliefs: Agnostic
Chaotic Good

Detailed Information:

Cédric has an ectomorphic build standing at the height of 5'6" with a lean physique, his hair was a medium length mess in the colour of a desaturated pink/crimson, his eye colour was a lime-ish green, and his skin was pale. His face was devoid of any real facial hair. He stood with a laidback nature, oftentimes with his arms crossed lazily when he stood about.

Often times you'll see Cédric as a friendly man that you can easily entrust with anything if that is just the touch of his work or not is unpredictable however. Overall, he's often carrying with himself a non-caring attitude that is paired with his slightly flamboyant and sarcastic ways. In many ways, he is exactly what you'd expect; unpredictable and deceptive. When arguing he's quite hotheaded if he's in the right.

Character Voice:
An easygoing and playful voice that carried a faded Swiss accent.

His standard supplied equipment consisting of a vest, duty belt, ACR, .357 Magnum, and stun baton. A backpack containing various tools and equipment.

His standard provided Divisional Uniform or regular clothing.

A rather professional painting of him standing on a bridge in the Swiss Alps.
** Calvin Banks his permanent frown seemed to etch off his face as he began painting and started ignoring everyone around him, he brought up a picture of the Swiss Alps and began to draw them in the foreground, sketching with pencil first, and making the outline.
** Calvin Banks was painting a beautiful background of the Swiss Alps, having sketched the centrepiece of the bridge, with a man on the bridge, using the description he had received, he had used delicate sketches to make the shape of the face and the bridge, and made sure there was the illusion of the background being very far away from the foreground.
** Calvin Banks began to paint down the more delicate parts of the scenery, smiling as he painted and was even whistling, painting the man himself, a 5'6 short man with a slim structure, with lime green eyes, and light crimson/pink hair that was kind of faded.
** Calvin Banks after a few hours, Calvin would finish the painting, having detailed even a small Swiss flag into the foreground as depicted, Cedric (The name unknown to the man but for reference sakes.) was standing in a black suit with a tie, the foreground was a clear sunny day, with the suns rays hitting the side of Cedric's face, and appropriate shading had been done, Calvin took a photo of it, and digitally uploaded it.


Darius Calmen - Adoptive Father - Alive
Michael Kabumba - Step Brother - Alive
Richard Risterwald - Father - EXPUNGED
Annelise Risterwald - Mother - EXPUNGED

Born in Geneva as a single child Cédric was often treated too well by his parents as he was essentially handed whatever he wanted. During his Teenage years, he was often dared to perform actions that would discredit him in school. Him being him, he often took up the dares that ranged from simple pranks to things like kissing people and not attending. After weaselling his way through the Swiss educational system, however, he settled into a coffee shop as a barista at the age of 17, he'd spend a year working there before he was called to his conscription within the Swiss armed forces. Undergoing the basic training and a year of 'active' service he was slotted back into the reserves, pursuing his job as a barista again. His main inspiration was that he'd be able to use his collected money to buy himself a nice little home somewhere in the Alps someday. Obviously, this was cut short due to the portal storms and the invasion of the Universal Union forces... Now finding himself enslaved like everyone else he took up one of the offers on the recruitment posters that were talking about the formation of a police force under the rule of the Universal Union with benefits and pay. Joining up and serving in the Metropolitan Force Cédric found himself transitioning through various branches until he finally had made his way into a position of intelligence gathering paired with internal affairs. Wanting to explore the rest of the world, however, left him restless, he wanted to witness the worlds current state in full view. The formation of a new fighting force in the outlands scratched his itch as it offered to fight in foreign territories, he, of course, did not hesitate, looking into the details as he began to negotiate a position fitting of his now vast background under the Universal Union. After a long and eventful journey alongside the 24th Conscript Battalion as the accompanying JURY Detachment lead and a couple of rather distasteful deals with officials he found himself appointed back into the MPF, the Industrial Seventeen garrison to be specific. Starting from the bottom of the barrel once more, refreshing experience for him to say the least. For this time he was a silent observer, along for the ride. His silent work paying off, he now finds himself as one of the Divisional Officers for the UNION Division. Would you look at that, he's found his way back into the 24th.

Personal Relationships:


Micheal Kabumba: "Now, Micheal, he's my great buddy, and brother. As silent as he is at times, he always fills me with hope."

Darius Calmen - UeD-313: "Father..."

Elijah Russel: "Wow, look at him. Going back up the chain, yay!"

G-551: "Improvements are up and happening, he's shaping up. I rate that heavily, keep it up."

U-650: "I believe that he's a good man, serving a long time now too. Surprised he's still alive honestly."

Charlie Disney: "Can't say that I am fond of your replacement, he's missing the familiar bond that you had big man, rest well."

Leonard Konrad: "I've seen this man climb the ranks, from Private to Lieutenant. Truly a man to set an example for everyone else."

Vasiliy Vakazinki - G-450: "This man's like a taller version of myself, stupid, and serious. If he punches me in the dick again I'm gonna smack him though."

Natalia Stroystka: "I hope you're enjoying your stay so far, you seem to fare better here with us. Maybe we'll talk properly someday when I have a clear frame of mind. Wonder what happened with Sparacio too, interesting."

Judy Garland: "Known her for quite some time now, reliable gal."

Jebediah Marlowe: "Silly goose, don't go around falling off of ladders, next time you might just win a Darwin Award that way."

Aiden Valkyrie - G-120: "I can't bring myself to really, well, like the guy, he's too disconnected with the world. He has aspirations and goals, but he doesn't take the steps to reach them."

Alonzo Gigante: "I can only describe him as 'The Italian Job', glad to see him around as a Drill Sergeant. He's got some wisdom to pass down around these parts."

Armoch: "A nifty little robot with a great sense of humour. I can see myself having long conversations with them about humanity and just tomfoolery in general."

Rorran Davis: "Bit of a dickhead, but he leads and cares for his troops well. Seems generally unpredictable in on-base affairs however, I don't like that."

Rebecca O'Brien: "They seem out of touch, and lost. Not in the here and now, if you catch my drift. Truly, war is lifechanging for everyone."

Reziko Giorgadze: "Some old grouch who's here with the Expeditionary Force, talked to him a bit. Quite the cool fellow from what Russell keeps constantly telling me."

John White: "This man actually is fed up with everything. He doesn't take shit anymore from retards after being in Alpha for such a long time."

Richard Singleton: "As much as people might or might not have been fond of him, the man was always there for his comrades when they were in need. Rest in peace."

U-361: "Predictable, his situation at least. Let people help you, you can't chase shadows alone, even if you eventually catch up I don't think you'll be able to handle it yourself."

Jorhan Radec: "No clue where this man came from, but he's a good fighter. Ideal conscript, hot-headed and pissed off."

Aleksei Volkov: "A very interesting personality, usually quiet around myself, I have not interacted much with Volkov but he must be alright if he's made it to Sergeant."

Winston Percy: "Probably the only person that salutes me, I like him, good strong personality that makes a great leader. "

OTA.728: "A soldier of the Transhuman Armament that requested a memory wipe, well, I won't say no to the request. Just a biz bizzare is all."

Ray Staze: "Been hearing this name being tossed about ever since the outlands. Some sort of big guy from the market or the SAWFISH Net?"

Samuel Green: "Name rings a bell, from the city?"

Jonathan Black: "He's been around this company since I first arrived and from there on out, he worked his way up the chain of command. Always goofy but at his best, he never fails to disappoint me in particular. Also, he gave me money back in the day, that's a big one right there, bless up."
Update #1: "I think I can call this man a genuine friend of mine now. Don't have a lot of genuine friends, so it's definitely something."
Update #2: "Yeah, we're friends alright. Not really personal friends but good friends when it comes to working. Goodman, can put a lot of trust in him."
Update #3: "Enjoy your time in CENTCOM you pencil pusher, hah."

Oliver Rainer: "One of my judicial units, knowing about his origin I can't help but feel a bit saddened for him. Regardless, he's a very good unit and I don't want to ever have to replace him. He keeps everything organized and neat. I love it."

Edric Dirk: "Another one of my judicial units! He's beefy as fuck, like I'm talking huge. He's like the muscle of JURY. Man means business wherever he is. He's literally got fans."

Gary Waters: "The newest arrival to my division. His story is quite unique, born and raised in a foreign dictatorship. Great hard working man though, pretty much took all the workload off of me today. Let's see how he does over the week."

Samuel Harris: "I've been around him for a long time now, first the city and now the outlands. During that time I've never really bothered to interact or talk with him, however, he just seems bland from what I can tell. But then again my senses could misguide me as they have done before. For now though; he's simply an acquaintance to me."
Update #1: "Yeah, he's a Sergeant now so he's doing something right. Seems a lot more talkative too around me as of late."
Update #2: "Haha, cripple."
Update #3: "I don't even know what exactly happened, to be honest, you returned from inactivity to be demoted to Specialist and then die in a deployment just to be promoted to Staff Sergeant. What a way to go, ey. I'll have to observe Percival on how he takes your loss too, hm, that'll be /fascinating/."

John Lancer: "Good man, he gets to be a friend I guess as long as he doesn't do stupid things."

Gabriella Rossi: "Another fine JURY Unit, a bit emotional and heated though if I'm being honest. Probably just women and their periods, I dunno, don't care either."

Victor Moreau: "My JURY partner in crime when the time calls for the assignment of the individual teams, so far there's nothing that requires the divided attention of JURY yet. So he just hangs about, all quiet and stuff."
Update #1: "Nowadays because Rainer, Waters, and Valentin were both transferred out I am left with Moreau and Eiberhart mainly. Moreau manages to be what is exactly needed but he's missing a moral compass of sorts, a bit too rough when it comes to things. I'll have to see about that."

Louis Bastille: "This man reminds me of a stock image I've seen on the internet once, I can't wrap my head around it honestly. He's a funny guy, to say the least, haha. Every time he calls me 'Risty' I want to blow his head off though."
Update #1: "Still don't know what this man really is about honestly."
Update #2: "I was right with the stock image thing after all, haha!"

Elijah Russell: "A former wartime photographer? Damn. From documenting the wars to fighting in one, quite the big change I'd say to hold a gun instead of a camera for a living now. Oh well, he's doing his business right if he's moving up the chain though."
Update #1: "For a wartime photographer he's more capable then 90% of these current NCO's when it comes to human interaction, I guess it's expected though if you want to fit in and not annoy the guys you work with. It's sad to see how rising in the ranks changed them, at least Russell stays to true to who he is, no matter if he got shafted or not. He's a good and reliable man that would /never/ break the law."

Doppio Valula: "I remember him crystal clearly, the loyalist with the big spiky hair. Nowadays he's dwelling around in the Outlands, not sure what he's specifically up to but he's of no threat to us. It was death or being exiled, sorry buddy."

Finn Winter: "Yeah, he's around, I'm not sure what he does, but he's part of HELIX so he does do stuff like fixing up people. Good for him, can't help but think that he's a bit scared of me, haha."
Update #1: "I still am not sure what he does aside from being in HELIX. Maybe it's something good."

Percival Elder: "The one Corporal with the scarf and riot helmet. Quite the cutie. He's always busy training recruits around the clock, never gets a rest, poor man. Well, I guess he wouldn't do it if he didn't enjoy it though so it's whatever."
Update #1: "Loss, it happens to all of us. These are troubling times and all we have are those that we fight with day by day. I'll watch over him for a bit, see how he fares with the death of Harris."

Jimmy Bong: "I'm not sure what I should think about him."

Sasha Nikolaev: "Man, this dude's looking gayer than me and that means something. He's on-base personnel for a month so he hands out food while taking pictures of things for the administration of a city apparently, not sure why. Overall though, he's got good intentions I assume."

Aiden Valkyrie: "I pretty sure that I remember that name from some time ago, probably from the MPF. He seems to be fixated on his sister and keeping her alive judging from his visit to my bay. Looking through his records, the medical one specifically netted me quite an interesting bit of information too."

Jessica Collins: "A female Conscript that I see from time to time, I don't talk to them so... eh."

Judy Garland: "A great deal of work inside HELIX from someone the size of myself, excellent. Deserving of a higher ranking if I should be honest."
Update #1: "Well, there's a higher rank. I haven't seen anything noteworthy yet honestly even if others tell me good things. Eh."
Update #2: "Enter my bay without permission again and I will decapitate you. They reached XO of HELIX though, nice."

'Seagull': "Not so bad for a new arrival. I don't know why someone would just be known as 'Seagull' however, that's just bizarre to me."

Michael Takahashi: "Yeah, I'm not sure about this British/Japanese guy, he seems annoying and I just don't see myself getting near him at all honestly."

Olivia Santilli: "A name that I used to hear at times over SAWFISH through the denizens, commonly when they were talking about Lambda related things. Not too sure who they are, one can only assume they have to do something with them."

Alfred Youcis: "I've got no clue who this is honestly, I just know that he's a GRID unit and that's it."

Samantha Sokolov: "The HELIX Chief Medical Officer, I've not really exchanged any words with her yet. Maybe that'll change in the future."

Charlie Disney: "You started out good... and then you began to decline into a state of unprofessionalism. This is not how a Commisioned Officer should lead and be, be the example of cohesion and uniformity in between the branches, which is exactly what is declining, the trust balance, it is being meddled with and influenced by a childish individual. If I can't trust the man up top with being professional then I've lost faith in this company. Whatever it is, get over it."

Nico Verigrad: "Quite the fascinating Denizen, decided to turn a peaceful photo shoot and questioning into a shootout that nearly got a lot of unarmed people killed. Well, they got arrested in the end. Shame that he's already removed the tracker that I implemented into him."
Update #1: "Catch you in the afterlife."



Conscripts: "Over time I've come to the conclusion that while their tactics are questionable, they always come out on top through their friendships and hard work. If it's stupid enough and you have dedicated men behind it, you can make it work."

Metro Police Force: "I honestly can't say where I'd place them after my second experience within this organisation."

Citizens: "Lost souls, looking for a cause, a schedule... Something to strive for in their life."

Rebels: "I can understand the hatred, perhaps one day your noble cause will lead you somewhere, for now, I'm staying on the ship that floats."

Denizens: "Some of them are quite alright from the conversations I've had, it's a mixed bag, although; really, I'm starting to grow tired of them honestly."


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