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Black Mirror Episodes and Bandersnatch


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Do you watch this Netflix show? Every time I watch it, it fucks with my head hella hard. Like, question everything hard. Thoughts on the series, favorite episode?

If you want to get in, none of the episodes are in order, my recommendations are
Shut up and dance (fucked with me hardcore)
The National anthem


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I don't really enjoy heavy emotions and existential dread, so I haven't watched "Black Mirror" yet. I'm planning on checking out an episode or two, though.


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I got so bored of Bandersnatch so quick but my family forced me to finish it with them. Otherwise I fucking love Black Mirror. My favorite episodes are 'San Junipero' and 'Black Museum'.

EDIT: Oh fuck also 'Hated in the Nation'.
I feel that Black Mirror often comes across as way, way too hamfisted.
I only really liked "Hated In the Nation," "Shut Up and Dance," and "Men Against Fire."
The social media one was retarded.