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Donni Devinci
“Chaos is merely order waiting to be deciphered.”
― José Saramago, The Double

Basic Information:

Name: Donni Devinci
Nicknames: Don
Gender: Male
Age: 34
Date of Birth: July 7th, 1984
Nationality: Dutch
Spoken Languages: Dutch, and English
Metropolice Force

Final Thoughts:

"After all the pain I caused a bullet to the head does not seem so bad..."

Mental Information:

Interests: Writing, Reading, and Art
Mental Disabilities: None
Addictions: None
Religious Beliefs: None


Franklin Devinci - Father - Dead

Elizabeth Devinci - Mother - Dead

Personal Relationships:

853 - I'm sorry to leave you like this but it's not your fault I hope you know that, it's my fault, everything, I wish I could have fixed it all.

556 - Looks like me and you got alot of time on our hands, I'm sorry I was not able to do as you asked I guess I will be with you soon.

450 - You're a good guy keep up the great work even if you are braindead sometimes. Take care of GRId for me.

Tony - Don't get yourself killed out there man.

087 - We did not get to talk much but you seemed nice enough goodluck with HELIX.

223 - You helped me get started in this new world, sorry I went out this way.

719 - You're decent and seem like a nice person don't let this job corrupt you like it has done so many before.
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