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Vortigaunt Alonzo 'Pugno' Gigante


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Would need names and who plays them but sure.
Ruslan Petrenko (Lestrade)
Vasiliy Vakazinki (Army)
Lucille Oxford (Magnum)
Mia Bespalova (Neekly)
Joseph Atton (Sean)
Kinley Faulkner (MissionControl)
Melody Harisson (Magnum)

I saw Attenburg also celebrating there but he wasn't there when we all rolled in and got our drunk on.

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Added Ruslan Petrenko @Lestrade
Added Vasiliy Vakazinki @Army
Added Lucille Oxford @Magnum
Added Bespalova @Neekly
Added Joseph Atton @Sean Klein
Added Kinley Faulkner @MissionControl
Added Melody Harisson @Magnum

Done son, feel free to add Pugno to your profiles but as of Lestrade's request the grand opening crew has been added.

@Neekly I know you do character art, I'd love to see a Pugno in your style.