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Alonzo Henry Gigante
- " The fuck you look'n at." -

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Pugno's debut fight for the heavyweight championship title. A strong counter punch, followed by a beaten stance, and finally a close up upper cut finish. The crowd screams in the upset, nothing more than mumbles to a nearly knocked out Pugno. A champion born

Basic Information:
Name: Alonzo Henry Gigante

Nicknames: 'Pugno' 'Bigman'
Pre-War Occupation: Doorman, Bouncer, Boxer
Occupation: Owner of the Grotto, Trainer, Bouncer
Gender: Male
Height: Around 6' 7''
Weight: 255 lbs, 115.7kg (Slimming Down)
Age: 38

Date of Birth: August 24th, 1980
Place of Birth: Verona, Italy
Nationality: Italian - American
Spoken Languages: English, Italian
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Affiliation: Citizen
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Mental Information:
Interests: Working Out, Guarding Doors, Beautiful Women, Singing, Music, Brawling, Eating, Dancing, Botany, Gardening

Mental Disabilities: "I'm solid. Ain't nut'n wrong wit' me jack."
Addictions: Tobacco, Pizza Pie
Religious Beliefs: Roman Catholic
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Detailed Information:

Alonzo is a large Italian beefcake, his skin a toned olive color. His hair is a jet black, with a slight curl that has been combed back. His eyes are dark brown, a light scar on his left eyebrow. His face has a five'o clock shadow and a darker scar going up his chin to his lips. He dresses in a dark three piece suit with a red shirt underneath, a couple gold rings and a watch and his wrists. There's a light but noticeable smell of cologne on his person.

Alonzo is a bit of a joker, likes to bust balls and make people laugh. He's a tough guy who doesn't take shit from nobody or let his friends take shit.

Character Voice:
A deep, slightly grumbled New York accent.

Pizza gear

A large, custom tailors three pieces suit with a red undershirt. Several gold rings and a watch. A business hat on occasions



Slice of Italy 3 small-1.png
Alonzo Henry Gigante was born on August 24th, 1980 in a humble country home to a large family in Verona Italy. Growing up he helped around the farm tending to the livestock and fields with his father and brothers. Alonzo was a big kid with a big appetite, this combined with his field work quickly made him strong. School didn't interest him much growing up, he was a jokester and had a quick temper which led to him butting heads with his teachers. The one thing Alonzo did like about school was the athletic program and team sports. That and choir, he may not look it but Alonzo's got pipes. Alonzo was on the wrestling team, played soccer and was a monster at rugby. Soccer wasn't much of his thing, he was too slow, but wrestling and rugby he was natural at. In high school the only thing that kept him passing were his coaches wishes he kept playing on the team. At age 17 Alonzo graduated school and made his ways to the states on job opportunists. Most of his working hours were spent guarding doors or working clubs as a bouncer. People feel entitled and when they don't get their way the tough ones start shit. Gigante has been in his fair share of fights at school but people in the real world fight dirty, and as such he had to wise up to the streets. Most fights he'd walk away with only a few bruises, but during one particular encounter a man pulled a knife and sliced up his chin. Alonzo's had the scar ever since. One night during the aftermath of a fight a man approached Gigante offering a business card and introduced himself as a boxing recruiter. He thought Gigante had the aptitude and body-type to be a great heavy weight boxer. A couple weeks later Alonzo took the mans offer and began training. His first couple of fights were rocky, he got K.O'd a couple times even breaking his nose against an Irish boxer. But with dedication and a strict diet and work out began to start turning the tide. In his career he fought in about 50 matches with a win to lose rate of 39 to 11, he soon earned a small following and the ring title 'Pugno' or translated to English , 'Fist' for his strong punches. In one particular match against Clive 'Brass man' Briggs went on for 10 brutal rounds ending in a tie. Both men refused to give an inch and at the end, had to be called off due to the medical risks. This is the match were Pugno got his scar above his eyebrow and his slightly crooked nose. After the seven hour war he was stationed in City 69, and began working as a doorman for the Slice of Italy located there.

Alonzo's currently in between work at the Slice, being moved from the Outland branches to an apartment in City Industrial 17. There he met a man named Pax ( @Detective British ) who recognized Pugno and offered him a job at the Grizzly Grotto. After a bit of thought he accepted the position and became the door man of this growing business within City 17. It's been a rocky start though, three days in and he's been shot three times (once on Saturday and twice on Monday). Now he's taking it easy and letting his wounds heal, but who knows what comes next. While working at the Grotto he helped a Five Star General by the name of Denzel Richardsworth ( @Denny ) become the MoD along with Pax and was apparently made the rank of colonel, but Pugno isn't really gonna look to deeply if that is in fact true. He was invited to the Conscript Military Ball as a worker for the Grotto and extra security. There a few people recognized him from his work at the Slice, but mostly just gazed in awe at his beefy might.

Things were going steady for Pugno at the Grotto, his shifts were consistent, he got a pay raise, and working there helped him get set up within the city. However one day the doors weren't open, there was no broadcast for people to get their meals at the Grotto, and there was no sign of Pax. Pugno spent the first few days trying to find him, but couldn't come up with anything. He assumed Pax ( @Detective British ) must of joined the conscripts but with no way of checking if that were the case he began his next chapter in City 17. While getting rations he ran into a frantic Miss Collins ( @Marty Robbins ) who said she had been assaulted. Pugno knew her from his time at the Grotto and considered her an acquaintance. In a fit of rage Pugno dealt with one of the men responsible in the RDT and then later assisted MPF in apprehending the others responsible. After that Miss Collins hired Pugno to work as her bodyguard which opened up the door to more clients. Now between opening his flower shop and his smoke breaks he bodyguards for paying clients.

Personal Relationships
Stronzo | Asshole | Some Schmuck | Liked | Bravo | Trusted | Family

Pax Kaleshknov - An old buddy of mine, was once my boss. Don't see much of him these days but I know he's look'n out for me in one way or anothah. @Detective British

Tony Sparacio - T's a good man, gets a lottah shit for some reason. Maybe it's that trademark East Coast tempah we share, though he ain't as intimidate'n as me or somethin, cause I sure as shit don't get fucked with as much as this fuckah. Despite all that he still makes one'ah the best damn sandwiches in the city. @Bendystraw

Joseph Atton - Came after the Rus Crew, off duty, pretty sure I know who. An oldah guy with a burnt face, they say scars add charactah, and boy don't I know it. Got me wit'ah witty smartass remark to the others, fuckah got me chuckle'n and I'm a hard crowd ta'please. It was brief but it made'ah impression. @Sean Klein

Kinley Faulkner - Girl who came in wit' the kraut Attenburg. She'sah a civil workah or civil medical, one of the fuck'n civils. She talked wit' Attenburg bout' his resignation, then stayed when the off duty party crew came in. She seems nice, but drank herself fuck'n silly. Seemed a bit sad about something.. God don't I know that feel'n of drinking away your troubles.. I helped her up and took her to my room at the LUX where I left her wit' my roommate Amenset and Girth, my fat fuck of a cat. Guess it's the public dormitories tonight.. Ehh ain't so bad.. @MissionControl

Olivia Collins - One of my clients. I met Miss Collins at the Grotto, while work'n the door. She's didn't cause much trouble so she's didn't stick in my mind. However after my job ended at the Grotto I got's to know her better, been help'n out ever since. I'd consider her a friend of mine, but I wouldn't know. @Marty Robbins

Ruslan Petrenko - An off duty unit who came to fuck'n party. He was the ring leadah of this group'a four, probably some form of command. Good people, payed well, made the open'n special. Laughed my ass off when ya fuck'n face planted off my stage. @Lestrade

Vasiliy Vakazinki - Part of the mpf party bus, didn't talk to em much but tha'rest ah his crew said someth'n bout you be'n a fruit? Not my style but you do you. You showed Rus up with a godly flip from the stage though, mad fuck'n props for that one. @Army

Lucille Oxford - Anothah one'ah the off duty crew who's came for open'n night at the Grotto. She got the lobstah, good taste. She was the first to leave, and didn't party much. @Magnum

Mia Bespalova - Came with Rus and'the rest. Bubbly is'ah word that applies. Girl couldn't hold'er fuck'n liquor though danced the night away before collapsin' on the floor. @Neekly

Melody Harisson - Came in before Joe did. Ain'ts sure if she's a unit or not, but im's guessin she is or least know's em. Bought two whiskeys then tried to have'ah fuck'n drink off with everyone. Out of the crew I probably talked wit'er the least. But you partied and came to the Grotto so how bad can'yuh be? @Magnum

Mehul McPhillips - Forget how we met at first, probably the grotto or through Collins. I ran body guard for her for a little bit, worked for what I was payed I guess, though really just differing schedules that made it hard to keep up protection, certainly did what was needed though cause she's still breath'n. @Espinite

Sofia Lettiere - To be honest I don't really know much about this girl. I gave her a job at the stand sweep'n up. Gave her a big tip too, what can I say I got a soft spot for girls from the home country. Maybe we'll speak more. @z KillerMuffin

Narain - The fuck'n girly boy who patched up my wounds. I doubt we's would be able to talk sports or women.. But they does their job, so I ain't got's no complaints. Gave me some better pain pills too. @Cola

Hank Loopel - Black dude in a suit, acts like a fuck'n business man. He seems nice enough I s'pose but someth'n about him rubs me the wrong way, maybe I jus' feel like he's try'n to hard to force the image of himself. I'll interact wit' em a bit more before making my decision.@tomater

William Springfield - Watched with me as some dude was act'n like he was that fat fuck Garfield from the funny papahs. Other than that he's just another CWU in a suit. Fuckah gave me 300 tokens outtah the blue, what do I look like I need your fuck'n charity bub? @Apocalyptic

Vladimir - Some fuck'n random dude I met on the street, kept ask'n me bout science likes if I knew chemistry, or how fuck'n circuits work. Show'd me some weird shit. @GenericsNewAccount

Albert Auttenburg - Came to'tha Grotto for the grand open'n, not to fuck'n eat or drink mind ya but chat with Miss Faulknah'. Ovah heard their conversation. Guess he jumped from'tha CWU, takes some balls, Union doesn't like to let ya go once they got the ball and chain round ya neck. Though your fairy ass accent still gets on my fuck’n nerves, and ja'have the conviction of a wet noodle. At any rate I think’ah bit highah of ya now that I know you got some fuck'n balls. @Skeptical
Old Relationships/Thoughts
Selena Friedman- She's ah hard workah, and she's got big gahonga gongas, what's not'tuh like. @Doctor Ducky

Diavolo - Bit'of ah puss, hehehe dont's worry. I'lls make ah man outtah yous yet. @48787

Cesare De Luca - Ownah of the Slice O' Italy and successah to Mr. Espositio. He's a good kid, and shares the same fiah that Vito had, I's looks forward to weres we go. @Couch

Massima Vittone - Workah at the Slice, she's been put'n tha effort in keep'n people fed, kind and ah team playah. I likes er' so fah. @Zahl

SSgt. Johnathan Black - He's didn't shoot me's the second I got to the gate, I can appreciates that. Kept me loyal I guess. @Detective British

Albert Auttenburg - This guy really grinds my fuck'n gears. Everytime this kraut looks at me he gives me a look like he's look'n at a fuck'n ghost or some sortah monstah. I ain't no fuck'n monstah!.. Speak'n to em ain't no bettah, so timid and that fruity accent dont's help non neithah. But despite all that, partah me knows he's do'n his best and do'n a good job at it. Just wish he had more confidence, guess that's what fuck'n ticks me off the most. @Skeptical

Lambda - Buncha fuck'n cock suckahs. There's some good people ins there don'ts get me wrong. But the majority's of em are massive cock suckin' stronzo fucks. If they consider emselves humanities best chance, then their heads are so far up their asses that their farts'ave made em go deaf, blind, and retarded. Ifs I get one more guns pointed in my fuck'n face, then I aints gonna be responsible for the puddle of man or woman Is leave behind.
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