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Citizen Albert Attenburg


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"I cried for mein Union...bled for ze' Union twice...sweated countlessly for ze' Union...and zey' took it all away. Peeled and feasted upon me...and threw it all away."

Basic Information:

-Attenburg, recently resigned from the Civil Worker's Union. Unshaven, messy-haired, and a broken man.

Status: Unknown...

Nicknames: "Foreigner", "The German", "Drunken Man", "Kraut."
Gender: Male
Age: 37
Date of Birth: April 27, 1981
Place of Birth: Dresden, Germany
Nationality: German
Spoken Languages: English, German,
Affiliation: Underground / Lincoln?

Mental Information:
Interests: Conversing with others, reading, small talk, drawing, drinking, planning
Mental Disabilities: Unknown...
Addictions: Definite alcoholism
Religious Beliefs: Catholicism
Alignment: Chaotic Good
A chaotic good character acts as his conscience directs him with little regard for what others expect of him. He makes his own way, but he's kind and benevolent. He believes in goodness and right but has little use for laws and regulations. He hates it when people try to intimidate others and tell them what to do. He follows his own moral compass, which, although good, may not agree with that of society.

Personal Relationships:


Lubov: @BeefcakeLlama :
Lubov has shaken my world entirely...has brought z'oughts...I have never...experienced truly in zis' New World.. I need to hold zis'...for it may open ze' tight walls choking my breath when I awake from ze' dreams. But vat' she has said...vill' never be said again, it cannot. I fear ze' loss of zis'...I fear of being...lost...away from my Lubov...my liebe.

My worries have lessened for mein Liebe when bringing ze' topic back and now ze' pressure of ze' world on my shoulders have lessened. Ve' can now continue with our work, talk about ze' things we open up to, and comfort each other in zis' New World than ever before...wunderbar.

I need you...Lubov. It has happened...again....

It vill' not matter vat' happens...ve' must always be together...for each other. You continue to comfort me through my struggles and get rid of ze' rotten thoughts of my mind. I just vish' we can open zat' store together...run it in peace...no matter ze' cost of such.

Ve' now have a room together, closer zen' ever. Ze' plan for a real stable future is panning out, together. But...zese' terrorists zat' have been increasingly confident and resistant...worries me...greatly. As our status grows...as ze' people around ze' city know of me more and more...I vill' need to focus on ourselves above ze' others...greatly.

Ze' units commited to Lubov's re-education and dragged her away in front of me...before ve' can even speak. Before zat', mein liebe vas' gone for some time and now...zey' dragged her away, she is gone. Zat' apartment ve' had...she has not been vithin' in weeks. It has been weeks since ve' spoken and now...zis'. I...I do not know vat' vill' happen next. Miss O'Hara said ze' units were more aggressive, commented on it, and answered zat' it vas' for...multiple strings of violations? Did ze' Union transfer her away? Is...she gone...our future...gone? Vatever' ze' Union has done...I vill' find ze' answers too. At worst...zis' whole thing is over. All of zose' hours put vithin' ze' Union...my blood and sweat put into zis' entire foundation...zis' vorld'...zis' is over.

It is...I am sorry Lubov...I vas' never...I vas' too late to take us away from all of zis'. Vherever you are...be at peace.

Miss Thorpe: @Swarx :
Miss Thorpe is a...mentor to me, a very straightforward but respecting woman. Her training and placement of me into the CWU vas' phenomenal. I feel welcomed, I feel she has brought an opportunity zat' has...redeemed me from ze' hole I felt in ze' past, ze' hole of...emptiness. I vill' continue to assist her CWU in any way I can for zat' is what is deserved for ze' individuals like her...ze' individuals zat' can set needed assistance to all who come.

Higher Roller revealed Miss Thorpe's report against ze' friend at ze' party...almost led to amputation for ze' insults said. Miss Thorpe has always been a quiet woman, composed personally but ze' quiet one's do have...something. I just need to be more careful with zis' Miss Thorpe...she does hold a great power over zis' city and vill' use it against her opposition when necessary, I believe, even if minor.

I have ruined mein career with zis'...I vill' need to speak to Miss Thorpe personally from now on with zis' current situation. Her position, reputation vas' ruined entirely by zis' other...Albert. It's all over...

Miss Thorpe always has confident in mein abilities, mein vork'. I have really seen ze' CWU grow greater under her involvement. Ze' city veally' improves under us...under ze' whole CWU and CMU team.

I am sorry...I do not know if you vill' ever understand why I did it. I had to...zis' Union is not our shell for ze' danger. It holds us vithin'...danger and plenty of death included. Be safe...Miss Thorpe...take good care of ze' CWU.

Mister Bennett @Adorable :
An extremely hard vorker' for ze' Union and ze' CWU. His status goes above my own and he continues to assist our institution in a consistent manner. He reminds me of myself when I had such an energy early in my career to continue forward with such work above my peers and further advancing my relationship with Miss Thorpe. I am always glad to work directly with Mister Bennett and obtain a similar relationship I have with Miss Thorpe, that of trust between us and furthering the status of this city. He is extremely loyal to the Union by his status but is casual on reflection...I hope such extreme loyalties still result in questions formed for Mister Bennett. We cannot all remain...extreme in zis' society.

Ja...I did have a lot on mind...and you know it troubled me. You are my replacement...serve ze' Civil Worker's Union and its citizens vell'...not for ze' Union.

Miss Faulkner @MissionControl :

I do feel...ashamed for leaving Miss Faulkner without assistance ven' ve' first met in ze' CMU. I might have seemed angered and annoyed at her fist, maybe I vas'? But now, as apart of ze' CWU and vorking' successfully vithin' I feel she vill' rise to Senior Vorker' and further at zis' rate. Similarly to Mister Bennett, she is consistent on her duties and I wish to further work in cooperation vith' her, teach and mentor. It is all based on vork' and has not begun leading onto our personal sides and might remain as such...not revealing any of her views or attitudes in zis' society. However, her loyalties are seen and I do hope...zey' are not extreme.

Ve' talked on ze' Union, its ways, and even opened up to thoughts on ze' rebellion. I am...it vas' horrifying vat' she has gone through and it reflects on her single dedication to her work, nothing else. Zis' vorld'...it is not kind...it is not forgiving. In honesty, it is just disgusting vat' zese' people have to go through...and ze' Union just vill' not fix it. She vas' right...it is soulless.

I only have her to truly trust in zis' city...vith' opened up topics on ze' Union and its opposers. Ve' vill' vork' together to rebuild all left behind, I hope. Ve' can do it peacefully...Lincoln can return.

Anna Rhyss @Cammy :
One of ze' only members I have seen in ze' CRU. She is very intelligent...very organized from vat' I have seen from my last vorkblock'. She's just...under ze' wrong people...and maybe, just maybe, I could have her be useful to ze' right hands...ve' need ze' technology to rise up.

Yuron: @Niko :
Yuron, oh...Yuron I say. Zis' poor woman has endured much pain from ze' outcomes of zis' city. I hope with my position I can connect her to furtherassistance zat' is needed. Her constant terrible luck has brought her many injuries...many close encounters with ze' death I believe. I fear when I take a walk throughout ze' District...I vill' find zis' girl on the ground one day...without breath.
But...I vill' never forget Yuron nursing me back to health from a terrible fever on 'von of my first days in zis' city...those public dorms might have killed me internally without her!

Vat' can I say now? Yuron is...clumsy...unaware I believe. She is not a working woman...she believes she can revert vat' ze' units recommend you to do. Too fearful towards ze' rebels and her "enemies". No...too dramatic, I zink'!

She continues to be idiotic...now she claims to be in ze' sewers looking for contraband and dangerous groups. Now if she dies...she dies. I cannot protect her, I cannot...care...I just cannot find ze' time to. Now...I vill' find her with a bullet in ze' head.

Yuron has been gone for some time...a bit of time. Report it to ze' units but...it may be too...late.

Ronaldo Fulier: @Warlord :
Vee' hit a bit of a tumble at first...but Ronaldo is a gud' man, another fellow German around the city...plenty around, heh. Well, it is always welcoming to speak with each other on ze' goings of life in zis' city and vill' be fun to see him while working! I...I thank him in comforting
Lubov while I was away...angered, it vill' not happen again, I'm sure of it.

Ronaldo speaks of personal demons in ze' past and he has been quiet lately...I need to speak to him more.

Ronaldo...I do not know. Have I truly broke you? Zis'...Klaw, vere' you veally' just Klaw zis' whole time? I question...but you did get me away from ze' city and got me started on a new life. Ve' might cross paths again...vork' together? I do not know...I cannot trust you now...I cannot trust zis' Klaw. I know I can trust ve' both miss Lubov...

Ah...Mat, a gud' fruend he is...wunderbar! Everytime I see him...I feel he has my back and I have his. Vee' all need faces around like Mat, faces zat' vee' can look onto while seated and forget the trouble of zis' world entirely. I need to have a drink with him...strong at that before he...before he departs onto a new life...unknown life.

Gone...I zink? Be safe...vherever' you are.

Fredrick Knowles:
@BlueFlames999 :
I stained ze' suit...and myself...but zat' game vill' be like no other. Even if you brought ze' problem back again from familiar territory.

Keep vorking'...but zhose' suits are a death warrant. I vill' try to speak to you later on it...if you ever come back again?

Albrecht @Lestrade :
@Lestrade : An organizer of ze' games between me and ze' rebels. Mention zis'...'Lincoln' thing when ve' first met I believe, really weird. I...I do not think I can further involve myself in possibly conspiracy against ze' Union...but something just attracts me to ze'...ze' little notes...zis' curiousity as I work with zis' courior. I vill' see for the future but for now...I fear ze' future for zis' city is under a new grasp.

Ve' met once more and he has...revealed a side of ze' vorld'...side of myself I thought to never reach. If zere' are people as pure...as trustworthy as Albrecht himself within Lincoln...I may need to meet zem' all...away from ze' desolation. But...if I am to perish in ze' process...vith' ze' hope of even possibly achieving such...I vill' perish happily. Albrecht...I am sorry for my ignorance...for my dedication to something so...questionable.

Lincoln is dead, I saw...abandoned. I do not recieve ze' letters anymore...I do not see you anymore? It has been some time...vere' are you? Did you survive it? I could have started all zis' much differently vith' you...vherever' you are now.

"One of Ze' Good One's" @Stardust:
A unit who took ze' time to refute mein heavy amount of penalties on ze' record. With zat', ze' von' vith' ze' scary mask did not seem so pleased or caring in doing so...but approved it. I am surprised ze' unit took ze' time to even get it removed...and vas' even at ze' party zose' months ago! Still...I question zese' unit's ways...what zey' represent. But maybe zis' von'...is a good von'...just watching ze' rest?

Miss Collins: @Marty Robbins

Miss Collins is an extremely respectable woman upon ze' Union society. She holds no ill-will, appears to have ze' loyalty, and is of a professional sort vithin'. I hope to further engage vith' Miss Collins for ze' blocks and continue to see how ze' Union vill' continue to provide for citizens such as her. Ze'...questionable Union.

I fear people like her in presence worsen ze' society ve' have further and further. Union does not care for people like Collins and it vill' be too late before zey' realize.

Silthia Pfeiffer:
@Paladin Cactus : Zis' woman...completely different world within her eyes but...zat' is...gud' within her now I realize. From ze' times I have seen her she vas'...skipping around, she built a snowman near ze' monument, and speaks in zis' tone of...pure energy. The woman reminds me of when zese' cities had ze' little one's skipping about, holding their mother's hands with pure innocence in their eyes and smile...pure. When she was taken in...I 'zought she would be dead but now she has come out...seeming...grown? Her antics are less...and...zat' is depressing to come think of it...vee' may never see another reminder of zat' world.

One of ze' best workers in ze' city with her antics acting here and there! Her energy is being put into good use when working in my workblocks and I vill' always enjoy seeing her in zhose' and out in ze' street for conversation! Just wunderbar...wunderbar.

Another von' gone...I have not seen. True happiness lasts little in ze' city...as does Miss Pfeiffer.

Hank Loopel:
@tomater : Ah, I vought' Hank would provide ze' first opportunity to me but unfortunately it took a bit...long. However he does not need me at all, Hank has zis' presence of an absolute worry-free man...rich...cooking ze' delicious smell of Hank's Grill but yet having ze' least arrogance towards others. It seems...peaceful and maybe Hank is ze' example of what can occur when ze' relationship between ze' citizen and Union is perfected. Peace...prosperity...worry free. I vill' also need to try von' of his burgers sometime, heh!

Now zat' I realize from ze' party...his branding name is everywhere...Hank dis'...Hank dat'?

Another...gone. Hank's Burger's smell...I miss it. Things change...however.

When first met... vat' I vought' was my death...just a-a...Mafia gag? Ze' man is similar to that of Hank in being rich, worry free, and yet hardworking by appearance. He assisted me briefly in direction and we have been seeing each other time from time...seeing the dread about on zis' city.

Made ze' speech in a city...proclaiming the duty of ze' rebellion and...stated his whole name out to ze' public! It vas'...incredible, exhilarating to hear within such...times. Is he von' of zese' "friends" Albrecht has spoken about? I...do not know..but I know zis' city vill' become a warzone and if I stay stagnant within...I vill' be slaughtered and branded a traitor to zese' Lincoln people...zese' rebels. If Roderik vas' zis' fearless to make zat' speech...Albrecht vas' not lying.

I zink' he is dead...no more speeches of hope from ze' Lincoln Movement. Roderik...I vill' try to bring it back...rally ze' hope of ze' people. Hope vill' be brought...I vill' try to change all of zis' myself.

Anna: @[SCG] Jimbo :
Warrior...warrior of a woman with 'zese cybernetic arms...I did not ask. Ze' woman speaks brief in zis'...alpha male vay' (remind myself not to ever anger her in public)...and I know nothing. Only I know...I have never seen a citizen similar to Anna in zis' world. Vat' has happened with her, 'vere is she anyway?

@Sgt.Satou : Waiter for zat' new restaurant over at ze' Cafe Baltic building. Beautiful decoration, weather, and meals we had with ze' customer service being top notch vith' Michael towards mein lieb and me over dinner. We met on further occasions, learned more about zese' Conscripts near ze' city, and he organized a special place for talking with Lubov in the future which I very much appreciate. 'Zen...ze' offiziers penalized him for his lackful work and ze' recent workblock and zere' was nothing I could do. Good thing it vas' a small penalty that can be reverted with mein continued workings in ze' future but zis' vill' show I must remain at disconnection for vat' I am doing out of work and within...zey' are very different fields.


Alinus Renalf: @OxiReturns :
Went above and beyond at work and is professional. I hope to see him some more at ze' future workblocks, he contributes greatly above all else!


Mehul McPhillip @Espinite :
@Espinite : I believe she is a close employee of Miss Thorpe in ze' CWU...even if a bit...non-conventional with her recent suggestion. I hope to meet her again though and become familiar vith' ze' goings on how ze' CWU workers are doing in zere' career as experienced. Looks to be loyal and hard working for zis' CWU, dat' is always welcomed to me.

Handed me an early reimbursement vith' Miss Thorpe away, she vas'...interesting? Little weird but...no...no, I vill' brush it off, vas' nothing. She seems to be a senior member also, experienced and seems to be a vell' and organized!

I brought my problem directly vith' her...My Albert directly towards her. She vill' not be happy vith' me...at all...and I vill' need to talk vith' her directly....

Moved on..gone...vherever' she is.

A 'freund' who has been messaging me...veally' vants' to meet me but...it may be impossible in my circumstances. Times are changing and now ze' side of vat' I once truly despised...I may have to see for myself...directly. Who is zis' 'H'? I need to...see him, he knows everything of me...but I know nothing of him.

Nobody has heard of 'H' ven' I asked. He's gone too...no trace...no letters.

Jack Mason @Jack Mason :
@Jack Mason : One of ze' most confusing interactions I had with dis...Mister Jack Mason. Called me a...robot and zen' proceeded to go down memory road later on within ze' Seven Hour War...quite the experience he had in ze' past...
an unforgettable one. With such experience...he is troubled...very. Sadly, the fate of Berlin was revealed to me from him from after I was transferred...burning...chaos...horror in zese' descriptions. I need to dwell on zis' more with ze' man...assist him onward as fellow co-workers within zis' CWU if I can try.

"High Roller":
Gold-tiered loyalist, showed me her PDA, explained it, and seems very nonchalant about most of ze' things out here. Recently, seen the woman near units, units escorting her where she goes temporarily. She vas' right on zis' high-roller status and seems to hold a much higher power than she cares to reveal. But ze' smoke together and quick chat vas' a nice experience from zis' usual desolate city...even if revealing ze'
thing on Miss Thorpe.

Dr. Emily Hollows: @The Lorax :
Never had zis' feeling of...trust and mutual connection between ze' patient and doctor at ze' checkup. It vas' one...two...three, take mein blood...take mein blood like it's nothing of ze' vorth'. Didn't help I rarely see ze' damned CMU building opened...and zis' doctor started my treatment almost in a surrounded and swarmed environment...no utter privacy, sheesh. But...if zat' blood comes up as bad zen'...I don't vat' can happen next with zis' whole thing....

Ze' blood came up bad and has added to ze' problems continously. I still do not trust mein doctor...ze' CMU seems to be just a front to care for ze' vorkers' but in reality it is likely just zere' to take citizen information. I hope ze' medicine is more real zen' ze' Union approved food...

I have slowly accepted Doctor Hollows...she has been...supportive from vat' I have seen and ze' CMU feels to be an actual institution in ze' city vith' her. Ze' struggle vill' need to be resisted vith' her assistance or I may not make it. Therapy...medicine...all zat'. I just...I have never really been involved with ze' Union doctors...never really known...zere' side of zese' things.

Alonzo Gigante: @Your God Crunchy Alfredo :
One of ze' largest citizens in ze' city...maybe even ze' largest out of all! He is a blunt man...he is a intimidating one...he is someone to not anger around in ze' city. Ze' man does not enjoy mein presence and...I have enough problems to deal vith' around here!

Recently opened ze' Grotto...looks incredible. I just feel now...you do zese' things for yourself...not for ze' love of ze' Union like others are falsely believing vithin'. Gud'...do zese' things for yourself...have your business be entirely successful. Ve' make zis' vorld' for ourselves...not for some false hope of a 'perfect' future. Nothing is perfect but ze' Union...it vill' take away everything from zhose' who believe otherwise...keep holding on Gigante.

James Anderson:
Rugged, sick looking man with zis' arm...looks to have been through a lot. The man takes pleasure in his last name and knows his way in and out of ze' city...mentioning zis' shell beach and experience of viewing a vortigaunt shot to death. Ze' man may get himself killed von' day with his movement...and seems to be involved in an adventure way too straining for me. Anyways...it vas' saddening to hear of his sickness but I must be careful of it.

Looking better now, huh, freund? Little more lax...little less sick ya'? Vell'...let's hope your problem does not fall onto me, ja, now? Because if it does...

And it has...get ze' hell away from me!



I'm afraid...entirely afraid of zese' rebels lurking among us...near us. Zere' walls around us are always felt...stronger than ze' city's. Body fell looking to be skinned alive with markings of ze' Union...sickening. Vi-vill' zey' skin me for my work? Vill' they even understand we must negotiate with ze' Union to secure our future freedoms?! Zey' halt our progress as a race...and I fear zey' will destroy it. No fighting...no cause...just let zere' be peace for once. Please...let ze' Union secure my aspirations for the future...do not force my hand into doing it myself...p-please.

Hearing zese' talks of a rogue offizier...oh my. I did not believe zat' vould' be possible vith' how...straight-forward zese' units are! Maybe zere' is more going on in to lead to ze' rogue? But...some people just don't...progress further into zise' society...zey' just vish' to take it down with vem'!

I believe...I may have been wrong about ze' rebels...branded zem' as terrorists too ignorantly. Zere' are ze' bad apples in ze' tree, rotten, but zey' are just plain criminals. It's all mixed in and zere' is believed to be a day zey' vill' come and challenge ze' Union directly in zis' city! I do not know anymore...I question...and now, I must see for myself.

Hmpf...am I really von' of you now? I feel alone...stranded...all of zese' rebels have moved on or vere' killed. I feel I need to do all of zis' myself...gather ze' citizens for zis'. So...be...it. First...zis' 'rebel' name vill' never be stated out of my mouth in public...too on ze' nose...heh.

Civil Worker's Union:
Zey' bring me a true purpose...a purpose I have been searching before in zis' New World for many years. I vill' be standing with ze' CWU to serve ze' citizens for what zey' deserve...opportunities and ze' feeling of...normal wiv'in my work. Wiv'out zem'...vat' can I truly succumb to any further? I can...really improve zis' whole district, I can! 'Vee can...'vee are the first key to be able to end zis' phase and secure our destiny of future freedoms and peace between 'Ze Unionized world and ze' memories of ze' old.

I still hold mein love for zis' job...for ze' people within who do zere' work honorably for ze' city...providing. Ze' Union would do much worse to our race without ze' CWU. Now...now I may have to face my back away from zem'...permanently. It vill' be hard...it vill' be a loss...if zere' vas' one death to accept in zis' world...it vould' be for ze' CWU.

I left it...it's all behind me. It vas' just too dangerous...and vith' my purpose gone I vas' not going to rot away in it and lose my love for it. Bless ze' vorkers' vithin' who keep trying...I vill' get you all...I vill' have you all see zat' ve' make zis' vorld' better ourselves...not under zis' Union!

Lincoln Movement:
A village said to be separated from ze' Union made of those just...pure. Vater'...food...protection from vat' I really fear of. I need to be surrounded by ze' people...I need to understand zem'...I need to believe. Maybe...men can change? Maybe...ze' vorld' can change back to ze'...past. Zis' phase we are in...zis' is ze' turning point.

It's...dead. It's gone...it's all gone. People vere' killed...people have hidden away in fear. But here I stand...ready to make it true again. I am not American but zis' Lincoln...I vill' try to make your view true, Mister Lincoln.

Industrial Sector Citizens:
Zese' citizens are 'von reason in joining ze' Civil Worker's Union. I meet one and zey' provide with what 'zey can to me...to others...to zis' whole District! Ze' neighborhood feels...together and I have met so many individuals that...that do bring me hope for dis' New World. 'Zey can all make it through zis'...phase of ze' Union...maybe but zen' I ask...can I? Do not change citizens...do not for 'zere is enough suffering in zis' world. Without you...zis' is truly over.

Albrecht vas' right...zis' city is a danger to me. A man came up...stabbed me in ze' neck...right in front of ze' units. I vork' for zis' city...provide for ze' citizens and zis' is vat' I get as ze' reward. I stand out...I have gained too much attention for zese' citizens and ze' opportunity for District Two lessens, I vill be slaughtered within. Vight' now...I should have known...no von' is trustworthy in ze' city of conflict. I need...protection.

Another tried to kill me...it caused me to get away from zis' city. Zese' citizens can be...savages...targeting zhose' who are completely innocent! But on ze' otherside...zere' are zhose' trying to get by. I need to bring ze' opportunity of a better, more peaceful life for zem'. Free choices...gud' people to be surrounded by as a family. I need zem'...vith' me.

Heavily armed soldiers who rarely pass by ze' city...I constantly here zese' stories by them! 'Oh...zey' have been disgraced'...'Oh...there's no one at zere' base!' Oh...zis...and zat'. From my brief experience zey' seem casual but ready to handle any dangerous situation. I personally keep zem' out of mind within ze' midst of zis' city...they must have the whole assortment of adventures and action I just personally cannot...comprehend.

Civil Research Union:
Newly established in ze' city...researching for ze' Union. Similar to ze' Civil Worker's Union...but I have seen only von' vorker' vithin'. I...don't know...zey' bring a side of ze' Union zat' could be beneficial...technology. But...it's just in ze' wrong hands, unfortunately.

Zey' are so...unnatural. Vat' are zey' really doing here? Why must zey' relish so many thoughts within me just on zere' walkings on the streets...cleaning. Zey' always look to be dangerous creatures who have ze' power to change zis' world for entirely what it is...a world already changed. I do believe zere' restraint under zis' Union has been wise but...I really know...nothing of them still all 'zese years.

One requested to escape with mein help...I do not zink' they have ze' common sense to even know vhy' I vould' do zat' when mein position, mein life is at risk entirely! Especially when ze' store was surrounded with ze' units...ugh.

I don't know...I...slaves zey' vere'. Still do not trust zem' all entirely.

Civil Protection:
Do zey' truly protect? Are zey' just wishing for us to suffer? Are zey' truly...human within? I ask 'zese questions as I see zere' masks...zere' uniforms...zere' robotic limbs at times, so striking in presence but yet...shows nothing within. Who are zey' really? Who are zese' people like without zere' uniforms? Maybe I just zink' too much of it and should just accept no true answers for zis' life. I 'valk...I show my respect...and I shut up when told...always for zis' world now. Better thoughts to zink' of them as...only temporary, just a phase for a couple more years until ze' relationship between ze' Union and ze' citizens are complete and strengthened...vight'?

Zey' continue to vork' for our safe keeping and I am getting used to them in zis' city! Always contributing to mein vorkblocks' helps too, always! With enough respect and vork' placed towards ze' Union...you can get used to them and zey' vill' assist you.

I just saw ze' other side of zem'...ze' angrier side. Now, I see vhy' ze' others may do...vat' zey' do.

Horrors have been revealed of ze' Civil Protection. Families separated into the unknown...a woman told to have been beaten and left for dead in District Two...ze' units laughing as a seventeen year old is killed I have heard. Zey' are sickening...those left among them who choose to do such while ze' others...choose to stand behind and watch. Maybe ze' Civil Protection are all different vithin'...because if zese' sick dogs vere' all ze' same...ve' vould' all have been killed long ago.

I experience it...zey' took her away. Zis' purpose vas' stripped from ze' Union...she vas'. I don't vant' to hurt zem'...but if zat' time comes...I may have to. Remember, men can change...even for ze' vorse'.

City Administration:
Representation of ze' Union's image largely falls on zem'. However, vith' zere' mostly background vork' and a lack of a true image being brought for ze' citizens forward...it just worsens it all down in zese' garbage-filled streets. Ze' von' zat' almost ended my life in a piss-filled alley...he vas' not pleased vith' ze' Union at all and brought his anger across mein neck. City Administration does not accomplish its vork' and further leads to my answers upon the questioning of ze' Union...stress and a displeased view.

I cannot have you bring false hope...I vill' destroy ever message you bring...ever screen you have on top. I vill' make your lives miserable for zese' false lies...

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-Thorpe updated @Swarx
-Yuron updated @Niko
-Hank by a minor amount @tomater
-Lubov by a minor amount @BeefcakeLlama
-Updated James Anderson
-Added character voice
-Updated Civil Protection
-Updated alignment
-Other minor updates in wording
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