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  1. CarneDeEsada

    Information On A Serious Note

    if you wanna name a new lead, I'm active :)
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    Black Market This is goodbye.

    Night buddy
  3. CarneDeEsada

    City Council Sally O'Hara's relationships and ooc questions thread

    Update Markus, If your opinion of him has changed.
  4. CarneDeEsada

    Coming back (Again)

    welcome back from pennsylvania iraq, jarhead
  5. CarneDeEsada

    Pending What do you want as CWU? (Spitballing)

    I wish the civil workers union was more of a union, simply put, I wish it was an organization that had some paid jobs but was mostly just citizens that wanted to be more involved in the conversation when it came to the business of the city.
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    Roster Sales Records

  7. CarneDeEsada

    mmm konburger first customer

    mmm konburger first customer
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    how do i install this image into the server?
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    No u

    No u
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    CMU Check-in

    Bradford’s currently locked inside the Cmu building
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    Potato's CA Application

    I was fine with you oocly, now I’m not. DENIED
  12. CarneDeEsada

    Potato's CA Application

    Denied unless you want to get in character and be professional.
  13. CarneDeEsada

    [insert sad shit here]

    Now, this is epic.
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    Potato's CA Application

    This is being handled icly, stfu and deal with my character.
  15. CarneDeEsada

    Potato's CA Application

    <:: prove to me that you won’t be a liability and I’ll consider making you my shoe shiner.::>
  16. CarneDeEsada

    Carla Thrope CA Application

    <:: If you are accepted, I’d like to invite you to join the Ministry of Justice instead, as I feel you would better fit here. -Minister Baker::>
  17. CarneDeEsada

    Potato's CA Application

    <:: I will not allow a man of such a party into my ministry, no question. -Minster Baker. ::>
  18. CarneDeEsada

    [insert sad shit here]

    Add me on steam and I’ll 1v1 in unturned