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  1. Goose

    [SPOILERS!] RDR 2 ending

    okay grandpa
  2. Goose

    [SPOILERS!] RDR 2 ending

    The ending was garbage. After the most uninteresting cinematic fight with douchebag mcgee where you both fight like old men. You then proceed to just roll over and die. Literal fucking aids
  3. Goose

    Potential HL2RP 2018 montage?

    2018 hl2rp cumpilation
  4. Goose

    Information me being unjustly banned from DayZRP (corrupt staff team revealed...)

    Remember when you could crash their website with spamming reports
  5. Goose

    [Forums] Honorary Member

    i do love a good cancerous circlejerk
  6. Goose

    ZeeweebobxDenny FRP

    This is actually fucking disgusting you fucking homos
  7. Goose

    /me calls the DvL gay

    i have so many questions on how this image came to be
  8. Goose

    Lorax face reveal

    the real question is. why are we still wearing santa hats
  9. Goose

    i got cancer

    A took a shit with a better delivery than that joke I want refund
  10. Goose

    SCG should make an War Thunder RP.

    warships on wheels arent allowed silly
  11. Goose

    Pending Map change idea (one that isn't C18 or C45)

    Has no spot for chadscripts and its terrible for rebels:(
  12. Goose

    Map Change When?

    C16 looks eh, but holy hell that skybox is an eyesore
  13. Goose

    Pending Give me immersive feetplay

    -support 0.002MB is to much my hdd cant handle it. +sup i do like feet
  14. Goose

    Your Faveourite game of all time!

    halo reach
  15. Goose

    one nut wonder

    ban this shitcunt before he doinks me again with hacks
  16. Goose

    Pending Placeable particle effects

    i mean, yeah sure look pretty sicko and shiet +1
  17. Goose

    good stalker game

    Buy Call of Pripyat download the Call of Chernobyl mod from moddb, ez
  18. Goose

    Denizen Bye

  19. Goose

    The Present Thread

    I bought myself some smarties