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    Conscript E/Pfc. Rebecca O'Brien

    hmmmmmmm PTSD from remembering dying? + Scars?
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    <:: Operation: Lost and Found

    'Rebel Logistics'
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    Black Market This is goodbye.

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    Civil Bash Extravaganza!

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    The Universal Union & Oppression

    Sometimes you need a purge.
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    The Universal Union & Oppression

    If we had IC restrictions, permissions, and enforcement of such, with the clear end-goal of having players feel open to roleplay how they liked with the idea that their actions have consequences, then this would be fixed. How could such be achieved? Love and care, and an iron fist. Love and...
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    Official SCG Quotebook

    I hate that you skipped me, in the funny way.
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    Official Screenshot Thread

    \/-- Heart Attack Faker
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    Lambda war

    I'm bad at it so ok
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    Metropolice <:: Universal Union Personnel File: MPF.C17.788

    Now that we've interacted... Sally O'Hara?
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    RIP swarx KIA afghanistan

    It's my turn again...
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    RIP swarx KIA afghanistan

    Damnit. Good Luck, have fun.
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    Weekly CWU Rewards

    <:: Understood, how many?
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    Official Screenshot Thread

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    Weekly CWU Rewards

    <:: Second Weekly rewards go to... @Adorable Rodney Bennett! Choose your reward wisely. <:: I am concerned by the lack of activity in the CWU. If activity does not pick up enough to justify this system, it may be discontinued.
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    Redownloading all lightmaps

    It's Stormfox updating the lightmaps.
  17. bobboy

    Redownloading all lightmaps

    Hmmm @ParaShock this is the 4th google result, no answers yet.
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    GRID Bionic/Augmentation Logistical Database

    Liver was huge *
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    Post-Mission Thread (Jan. 12th, 12AM)

    For map 1, there was the ability for players to get involved in a shootout, but they chose not to go in the hole in the floor. Otherwise, I agree with you to a point: Map 2 was a last-minute thing put in to both add time and story to the mission, and show off something unfinished to get...
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    Post-Mission Thread (Jan. 12th, 12AM)

    You know what I love? Specifics. I'm glad you liked it, but... I need more to do more. I need details, what parts were good, bad, mediocre, amazing... so I can make the missions better. Though, didn't expect you guys to ask to go into D2, so. That was all improve. And those were all...