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    alright neegas

    i got 1 beta key for fallout 76 and if you want it comment below ill randomly choose in an hour or something since its today at 2 if i dont like you, i just wont include you if you're an annoying cunt, i just wont include you i dont care if you play with me or not good luck
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    hello roleplayers

    r3cker told me about this community and i wanted to say hi
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    Completed yee

    These past few days that I went back to school and took my break from SCG let me just kinda look at SCG in its entirety. SCG is shit, no one actually is putting forth the effort to make it sustainable in a reasonable way (reasonable isn't 100000 reboots and barely scraping by) and the staff just...
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    until schedule fixes

    i have a super easy schedule but i seriously need to fix my sleep before i can do anything as it is now i just come home from school and sleep shouldnt take long :)
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    (DarkRP) What do you prefer?

    I've been really thinking about it. I know there's a lot of you sticking to your serious roleplay but I also know there is a few of you looking forward to DarkRP. I've been really thinking about which one to do and I figured I'd ask you guys. Post any other things you think that are...
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    Before your make a forum suggestion

    If you want it that bad, you can pay for it yourself. Pretty much 90% of the addons for xenforo are obnoxiously expensive.
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    Information Disputations Judge List

    This is a list of all the people that are able to accept or deny authorizations, appeals, and complaints. This is subject to change so make sure you check it! General @ParaShock City Roleplay @Tiddlywinks @John @Wolffe @mrZEEWEEBOB @cube @Cattahyr @Maroon Combine Military Roleplay @cube...
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    Information City Roleplay Ask Me Anything

    Hey, I figured there is a lot of things people might want cleared up about City Roleplay coming up and all that. If you have anything you want to ask, ask me it below and I will respond to you when I can! I will warn you if you start any shit or anything of the likes. If you want to complain...
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    Guide Metropolice Force Guide

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    Information CRP Staff Team Application [OPEN]

    STATUS: OPEN City Roleplay staff is not an easy task sometimes. You are expected to behave well with other staff members are players and not cause a fuss. You are to deal with things in a calm and professional manner and show respect to everyone and follow the guidelines set. You will be...
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    City Roleplay Trello

    I've been working on CRP for about two days now. Massive code changes have already been put in place and I have nearly doubled FPS and things cut boot times down. Thing should run better given the time CRP comes back. I wanted to make the trello public knowledge so you all can see what is going...
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    Online Roster Take a visit here It all automatically updates so you dont have to have retards that never update their roster. I'm adding a private section with a search bar when @Elec lets me upload shit Yes, I know the background is...
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    Information Steam Account Integration

    Make sure that you all go to your steam profile and link your steam profile to your accounts! If you plan to donate this is REALLY important!
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    Jimmy Bong

    - A picture of Jimmy Bong Full Name: Jeemee Bewng Age: Treety Yew Species: Hew Men Gender: Meel Faction: Cewnsreep Abilities What animal best represents them?: Teerenesewrees Physical strength: Ee vur eeg Speed: Mee Relationships Who is your characters closest friend?: Sewgeent Bleeck How...
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    hello new skins when please