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    Pending give staff cross donator perks

    this is stupid "i work at mcdonalds i want free food" at least a discount on donator would be reasonable but no, not free donor perks
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    alright neegas

    alright boys we got a winner lots of people entered and it was really close! heres a gif to make sure itwasnt rigged @Phoenix
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    alright neegas

    i would have liked to be nice and give it away but i dont need some retard who doesnt want to participate to post stupid shit
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    alright neegas

    why do you even stick around here didnt we perma ban you you're probably some 5'5 shrimp dick fatass like tiddly
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    alright neegas

    have you thought about killing yourself
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    alright neegas

    i got 1 beta key for fallout 76 and if you want it comment below ill randomly choose in an hour or something since its today at 2 if i dont like you, i just wont include you if you're an annoying cunt, i just wont include you i dont care if you play with me or not good luck
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    stop being dumb

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    stop being dumb

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    hello roleplayers

    r3cker told me about this community and i wanted to say hi
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    Information The Slice of Italy Application!

    i want to work in the slice!
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    Official SCG Quotebook

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    Games N stuff

    i love games!
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    cut my life into pieces

    thats edgy!
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