Hi, I spend most of my day trying to make sure that there's something to do on CMRP.
Like, 12+hours per day, it ain't healthy, yo.

I'm, by consensus of the community, a good person.

The only reason I'm still alive is because people care about me, and would be at least sad if I died. Depression is a steady constant, along with stress. Otherwise, I have very little appreciation for things I create if they aren't appreciated by others as well.

Trains are nice.

I make maps, too.
Feb 24, 1998 (Age: 21)
Central MA, USA


'Main' characters I have had
Last Iteration:
GRID.04.983 - Died when he stood up to Rebels at Shadow in C18. My first ever character.
GRID.03(02).118 - Died in the CMD spike pit after HELIX FailRP'd and declared him Transhuman.
Current Iteration:
Sally O'Hara - Alive, currently the Ci17 Secretary of Labor.

Current Iteration:
Skinwalker - There are multiple, staying out of the heat and staying in the cold. At least, you'd think...

My 'Good Boy' card is now authorized as a shitposting license.



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